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Saturday, 29 October 2016

10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Dearest sweethearts,

I have realised that maybe I sounded a bit down with what I write on "Thoughts about Motherhood" and maybe my turning 30 did not help as well... but I want you to know (a warm thank you and a big hug to those who asked! :* They know who they are!) that we (and that includes me, myself and I ;) ) are doing fine and we have much to be thankful for. I have many things that make me happy right now, simple things that bring a smile upon my face, so my heart and soul keeps young. I have God to thank for it :) so maybe sharing these 10 Things that make me happy right now might make you smile as well and get you thinking of the things in your life that make you smile. I think we have grown used to some things in life, we consider them for granted until the moment they are taken away from us, until the moment when something changes. Now let's do an exercise, after you read my 10 Things think about at least 10 of YOUR Things that make YOU smile! Write them down and reflect upon them :) if you wish you can share them with the ones you love and thank them for making you smile or you can keep it for your heart. But think about it!
Without any further ado, let me tell you my 10 Things that make me happy right now:
1. Being able to feel thankful - there are so many things we should daily be thankful for yet still take for granted.  I try to be thankful daily for the water that we have and the food that we eat, for the fact that we both have jobs and running salaries, for our family and friends and especially for the fact that we don't live in a war area nor do we have earthquakes. So many countries are affected by the lack of one or more of the above and others suffer due to earthquakes that I feel happy and safe to live where I am now. I thank God and hope other countries keep an open mind and heart. I hope that they will understand that war is not the way to go... though recently Mother Russia might think differently...
2. Walks with the little LadyBug Baby Girl - she's a fan of fresh air (as fresh as it could get in Krakow right now that winter is drawing near and people start to heat up with wrong materials...). It's a joy and a blessing to see her immediately fall asleep as soon as we exit the block of flats. No matter if I take her with the pram or with the mei tai/elastic wrap she falls asleep and manages to take an afternoon nap of sometimes even 3 hours! We collect leaves, chestnuts and talk to the little ladybugs that we find :)
3. Warm showers - gotta be thankful for that! Who doesn't love a warm shower after a walk in the park? The crisp autumn air is refreshing but wait until you get home and have a warm shower and maybe even a cup of nice tea/coffee (whatever rocks your boat!)
4. Falling in love with fall - that's one of the things that makes me happy every year. I firmly believe that there is no better season! Try to contradict me: it's not like winter when you have to layer up like an onion and it's not like summer when you sweat and sometimes you just feel you are on fire! Autumn makes me happy in many ways, not only because it is my birthday :) but also because of its colors and shades and smells and sound. For me autumn is Heaven!
5. Counting down to December - only because I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I am so looking forward to watching (and if course rewatching) on the big screen the magical Rogue One ❤ of course Christmas coming is a plus and it's Emilia Elena's first one so we shall celebrate big time!
6. Seeing the little LadyBug Baby Girl smile - that's just priceless! She stared doing that frequently when she turned 1 month old and it still amazes me how a small smile can brighten up your day! It is true that babies smile the brightest ad they lighten up the room they are in. They smile with all their heart and soul - not only a smile upon the lips but on the entire face and the eyes shine bright like 2 stars! That's a piece of Heaven there ;)
7. Autumn rain & nature - that deserves a point in itself. Who doesn't stare in awe at the beauty of a forest / group of trees that change color? The dozen upon dozen of shades and the shapes and sizes they come in... add to that a soft and chilly autumn rain that leaves nature covers with small drops that twinkle and shine in the warm(ish) sun and you have a winner!
8. Cuddling with the little LadyBug Baby Girl and watching together period movies / drama like Poldark or Jane Austen adaptations. Warm blankets and a quiet time holding my very own lady in my arms and watching the lovely scenes unfold... I know it's good for her to hear more languages and sit next to mum so I call this quality time ;)
9. Elastic wraps - they are heaven for the mums of small babies ❤ you can carry your little bundle of joy with you, wherever you go! You don't have to stress about a big carriage/pram that you have to handle around (it sometimes gets tough when it's just you and the little one). You have more flexibility in your movements and you can get up and down the stairs in a jiffy! No need for elevators or special ways for the prams, you are almost as free as a bird ;) plus you get to have your little one very close to you and you can monitor their every breath and smile and sigh :)
10. Free time - trust me, when you are the moment of a little bundle you will be thankful and happy for every second of free time. You will probably use it for sleeping or talking to friends and family (like I do); you might even go wild and if your significant other can stay with the little one, you may even go out ;) it will allow you to have a sense of "normality" coming back :))) thought you will always be thinking what the small one is doing at that certain moment in time... don't worry, it's natural! ! That's how Mum's work - they are multifunctional :)

Last but not least, my family makes me happy; but they make me happy and proud all the time :) I am thankful for my Granny who raised me up and loves me unconditionally, I am happy I have my Mum who understands my whims and wishes and although I might not be right she still supports me in my dreams, I am thankful I have a inspirational big sister that I love and I am very proud of & I am happy that until I turned 30 I managed to cut off an item from the #bucketlist and have the lovely LadyBug Baby Girl ❤ these are the most important 4 women in my life and they make me happy and proud everyday!

Yours very sincerly (as always),
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Her 10+ Things

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