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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Black Monday - Black Protest - Family Thoughts

Dearest hearts,

I firmly believe in a world where everyone is entitled to his or hers opinion. Where there is liberty of opinion and expression, where people are not afraid to speak up their mind. I believe that God created us with free will and knowledge of good and evil. I believe that even if you do not believe in God you know deep inside of you what would be the positive things and the negative things in life. It is somehow built within us the knowledge and the feeling of wrong and right. In this way, if you were faced with a situation where you would need to take a life I hope that each of us thinks twice and trice before doing so. I believe also that desperate people in desperate situations act in chaotic and negative ways - later on they need to cope with what they have done but nonetheless it is their decision. I believe also that no life is greater than another - we are all equal in this world. Maybe the value added that we offer to the place we are in is different, but somehow weare all the same. It is true, not all have the same strength nor knowledge nor wisdom nor way in which we interact with people. Some of us have IQ and some of us have EQ (emotional intelligence) but we are nevertheless important - to our family, friends, society and ultimately to the world as a whole.
The beauty of a child - by The Twisted Red LadyBug
Police estimated that over 98,000 people across Poland participated in this Monday's #BlackProtest - when women raised up their voices for the abortion ban in the Parliament. It seems the Parliament pulled back the law, due to the pressure (seeing the women - and not only!) raise all over Poland against it. They are also thinking now of creating a new body of law similar... I just wonder how they will formulate it now and if it will be as tight as before.

"If the law - which has cleared one parliamentary hurdle so far - goes through it will make Poland's abortion laws as restrictive as those in two other countries in Europe: Malta and the Vatican. Women found to have had abortions would be punished with a five-year prison term. Doctors found to have assisted in an abortion would also be liable for jail time. Abortion is already mostly banned in Poland.
The current exceptions are:
  • where the woman's life is in danger
  • where there is a risk of serious and irreversible damage to the foetus
  • where the pregnancy is as a result of rape or incest - this must be confirmed by a prosecutor"
Don't get me wrong, I am totally against abortion. I would not do it if I were in anyones shoes, but I understand the decisions of those that do choose to go through it. It is true, rape is a terrible thing and I see why one would choose not to go through it and terminate the life of the unborn child, but I think rather then killing a life it would be better to go through and choose life. I understand you might be 13, victime of even a gang rape and not know whom your child is, this opens up your eyes to a brand new world where people can be monsters. You are not even fully developed, you may even still play along with dolls, skip stones and think Hanna Barbera cartoons are fun (or whatever is hip these days...). I believe it is still best to carry on the child, give it to adoption but leave the possibility open - you might once want the child and you can't turn back the time nor call back life. You are marked either way psihologically... Sometimes we think only of ourselves and not of others - be strong, stay next to the ones that love and support you!

Again... if you are a doctor and you know that the mother will die and the child will die as well if the baby continues, what would you do? Should you save a life or end 2 - and psohologically damage the family? I think that's a tough call that nobody should ever make. I believe that life is supreme and that every child is entitled to it. Family is the most important thing we have in our lifes and we realise that sometimes too late. Take your time today to be thankful for the people close to you in your life. If you are pregnant may God bless you and give you strength, may he give you rest and calm and power to overcome all that you will face in life. May your Baby be strong and smart and powerfull and may he believe in God with all his heart! May he live in a world where the possibility of choice still exist and may he/she always make the right one!

Yours very sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug - A Mother