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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Krakow - Galeria Mlynek

Dear sweethearts,

I hope you celebrate life everyday. I hope your heart flutters and your soul rises everyday. I hope, as the Irish saying says, that the wind is always on your back and the sun upon your face. Some days are harder then others and in those days you feel as if you would sink... I always try to do something that makes me happy or hang out with someone whom my heart is in tune - like my family and close friends. I have been in plac Wolnica numerous times and if you remember I was telling you about GoodLood - the best place to have homemade icecream in Krakow! I have always passed Galeria Mlynek and I always said I would try it out and I would always end up somewhere else in the Jewish district. Well... almost 2 months ago I managed to get there with my Mum and Granny - just a few days before I gave birth ;)
Cafe Mlynek (Galeria Mlynek) is listed as #144 of 1,117 Restaurants in Krakow, with 4.5 of 5 stars with over 200 reviews. It was also awarded "Certificate of Excellence" by TripAdvisor. It also has over 2800 likes on its Facebook Page. It's a great option in the Jewish district for a vegetarian restaurant. You can get here anything from breakfast to dinner and there is also an option of bed & breakfast. The athmosphere of the cafe is interesting and old-fashioned / vintage. No table nor chair is the same as the other one - it seems to me that all the old bits and pieces were gathered from around the houses in Krakow, maybe from the flea market. It's quite a popular place with the locals, gathering a lot of people from different walks of life. As you enter the room is on the right side and there is also a terrace outside, on the sidewalk, looking towards the plac Wolnica. Galeria Mlynek hosts exhibitions of paintings and photos - that can be bought (It's always good to support the local emerging artists!). It also hosts workshops and one can check them out on their Facebook Page or Internet site (that runs both in English and Polish language).
We had a good time, having some sweets in a rainy August day - I had pancakes banana and chocolate, Granny had some with apple and cinnamon and Mum had toasts with spinach and cheese. We love to mix and share so we would all get a bit of everything, to form an opinion. I really really loved the pancakes with banana and chocolate - with white chocolate cream on top, seeds and blueberries. They were warm and well done, the chocolate melting with the soft bananas, becoming creamy and heavenly delicious... mmm... they went well with the freshly squeezed lemonade with ice! I really recommend the combination: sweet & sour. You won't get sugar high that much with it ;) and you will be able to enjoy the sweetness of the pancakes in this way! I must admit that I found only 2 minuses for this place (if we do not count the fact that it has a NO MEAT menu and I believe the best vegetable in the world is pig!):
1) the toilet is shared, in the main corridor, it has only one room and toilet seat and the key to the room must be taken from the bar (from the ladies serving)
2) the slowness of the service - it took more than 15 min to get someone to get us a menu and in the end I stood up and went to the counter to get myself one... as I saw that noone was "surveying" the room (even though it was not full!).
You can pay both cash and card and I would rather say the local is not exactly children friendly. It's more for the younger generation that do not mind rather crowded places and have time and patience to be served or to get the food/drinks themselves. The food and drinks were good and at the optimal temperature. I liked that they had the menus both in English and Polish and the ladies at the counter did speakgood English. Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars for a cafe, as they have some points to improve. Have you ever been to Cafe Mlynek? What's your opinion?
The Prices:
- hummus (diverse sortiments) - vegan dish - 18 zloty
- salads (diverse sortiments) - from 19 to 24 zloty
- soups (diverse sortiments) - from 6 to 10 zloty
- pancakes with spinach - 23 zloty
- pancakes with appples (and cinnamon) - 16 zloty
- pancakes with banana (and chocolate) - 17 zloty
- pancakes with white cheese (and chocolate) - 17 zloty
- sandwiches with camembert cheese and pears - 17 zloty
- toasts with spinach - 10 zloty
- fruit shake - 11 zloty
- freshly squeezed grapefruit/orange juice - 12 zloty
- home made lemonade - 10 zloty
- cafe latte with honey - 12 zloty
- coffee with milk - 7 zloty

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to find new places to have a snack (in Kraków and not only!)

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