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Monday, 3 October 2016

The Stories Of Krakow Doors (Entrances) - Part 3

Dearest hearts,

A while back I started on my Instagram page a series about Krakow's doors / entrances. Each door in Krakow, for me at least, has a story to tell. Let me know if you think the story fits or if the picture tells you a different story than the one I think of :) You can also read here the first 2 short stories and here the second batch!
Short Story number 5 - What are the things that make you smile as you see them and pass by them? I always had a thing with flowers... I don't encourage the selling of cut flowers and the only ones I am truly glad to receive are the ones in pots. It seems to me a sad thing to kill a flower for a few moments or beauty. Keeping it in the ground gives it a longer life and a greater possibility to give joy to the many people out there. That is why I love the fact that Poland sells so many flowers in pots ❤ it's #ecofriendly and it makes me smile. Each time I get to the main square and pass this doorway to this #florist shop... it makes me smile 🌹💐
Short Story number 6 - Rise and shine for yet another day of hot weather in Kraków. Hope you enjoyed the #wianki and that you will have time to check out the medieval fair next to the Wawel Castle. There is also an old car display at 12 at the foot of Wawel hill ;) if not... you can always wonder about the streets of Kraków and search for old beauties like this one. I love finding old doors, entrances that tell stories. This one is from 1904 - more than 100 years ago! Think of all the stories it can tell! 1904... that's the year when - on February the 17th - Giacomo Puccini's opera "Madama Butterfly" premiered in Milan and same year in December "Peter Pan"play premiers... such a wonderful year!
Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Magical Doors That Tell Stories

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