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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Thoughts Upon Turning 30

My dearest friends,

It seems yet another year passed by... I have no clue where time flies like that! Seems like yesterday that I was a wee lass and I wanted time to pass faster so I would be "grown up" and do stuff that only grown ups could talk about. Now, as time passes, I realise that what my mum was telling me was right: when you grow older you will wish to be small again, so enjoy the time you have at each age! I guess everyone wishes for something that they can't have (or no longer have). I remember thinking that when you are 18 you are already grown up and everything over 30 was already quite a large number for me... I would say that I would even consider the population over 35 as "old". I feel ashamed to admit it, as along time I have realised that in fact the "old" can be "young" and the other way around. You are as old as you feel! And guess what?! You can always remain young at heart!
One of my mum's favourite quote from "The Lord of The Rings" is the one that Bilbo Baggings says for his birthday, the quote from the first movie, where he compares himself with a slice of bread where you spread some butter and it was not enough... I must admit I don't have a quote to counteract that but I do agree that there are moments when one just feels old and tired with life. I also admit that in the next instant you can look or think of something or someone and feel young again. For example, travelling makes me feel young and happy and accomplished and always puts a smile upon my face. And I bet you have something that makes you smile and feel young at heart (at least).
Picture taken by Natalia, who is an amateur photographer
There are people at young ages that feel old and beyond their time and there are people that you cannot guess their age, because they take care of themselves and smile and think positive each day of their life. I guess that's hard to do at the beginning, if you are not used to smiling or being happy, but in time you develop a routine around it - or so I believe. For me it's quite natural to smile and be happy around people - I am a people person. That's maybe why many have said that I have a "Baby Face" - and I like that :) it is again one of the things that make me smile.
I'm turning 30 today - that's 18 years + 12 of experience ;))) it's my sweet 16 + 14 years of soul searching. When I was young I always wanted to make myself accomplished and not be a spinster (like in the Jane Austen books that I love - getting married by 20 years of age was a must!). I always said that I should have a baby by the time I am 30! When I turned 18 I realised that even though there is still a long road ahead, I may not reach that goal, so I setup a new one - to be the best auntie for my sister's child. I focused no longer on relationships and men - who looks at men when there are so many beauties to be discovered in this wide world?! I focused on growing myself through relationships of friendship that taught me something and by travelling as much as I could. Guess what?! That's when the magic happened and I found my better half ;) There is nothing better, no better way to step forward, then letting things go - no longer think and dwell on things that bother you or make you sad. Let it go!
Magnificent shot of my 2 great loves - done by amazing Iza from Bellove Moments
I let things go, take their own course, and here I am: married to a proud Polish lad and in love. Before turning 30 we have created together a small LadyBug Baby that we are madly in love with. Now the math has changed: 1+1=1 happy family that grows and learns everyday. 1+1=3 small souls living in harmony (even when the small one cries and screams in the middle of the night!). The little LadyBug Baby turned 2 months old 6 days ago. She is the apple of our eye so celebrating myself is actually celebrating her and the other way around. She is the perfect gift :) 30 years of age is quite a round one... nowdays people say that once you turn 30 you are no longer in the "young" group... I guess that means no short skirts, no evenings out, no loud laughing, no having fun... a general "NO" rule! Well guess what?! I don't agree with that - don't listen what the world says but listen to your heart!

The top 3 things I want you to know, now that I am 30 ;p are the following:
1. Love is the most important thing in your life - nobody will take that away from you and you should tell the ones you love how much you do love them. Everyday, every second you can tell them, tell them - you don't know how long they will still be around!
2. Look for experiences and not material things - you won't be able to take them in your grave, you know?! It's more important to spend time with your family and friends than for you to go shopping at the mall for the latest trend in clothing while you leave the small one with a baby sitter - every single day... :/ Give the love and care the small ones deserve! Else the baby will grow up and you will ask yourself why your relationship is not working. Spend money on travelling and learning a language (that's also a good trick against Alzheimer) not on the latest model of iPhone and iPad. Think wisely and invest time in those you love!
3. Not everyone you meet is a friend - some people come into your life as a lesson that you must learn.  Their relationship will hurt you, will make you cry, but it will also teach you a lesson. Choose your friends carefully and open up your heart slowly. I tend to jump out and be a friend to everyone,  help whomever needs helping, but with that you give a piece of yourself to others... some may not even deserve it and they will hurt you. Be careful but also stay kind! Love them and forgive them - but don't worry, forgiving is not forgetting ;)

I'm The Twisted Red LadyBug and I just turned 30 years old! I am not afraid to say it out loud and I pray to God that he gives me strength and love and peace in my heart - I wish to be old in age but young at heart and the way I act. I wish, on my birthday, to see the world always through the eyes of a child. I wish to smile and be happy and make the ones around me happy as well. How about you? Have you turned 30? Are you old or young at heart? What have you learned so far?

Your truly from the bottom of my heart,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that turns 30!

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