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Friday, 25 November 2016

Krakow - Breakfast At Awiw

Dearest sweethearts,

Did you know that every name and every word in hebrew language has a hidden meaning in itself? When I was young and I started reading the Bible I thought that the best way to do it, the right way to go about it, was to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start, according to Maria from The Sound of Music). So I started with the Old Testament ... but as many before me, I got stuck at the Book of Numbers! When you read it as it is translated it is row after row after row of names (that tell you nothing and make you wonder why you read this...) you might fall asleep...  but Jewish people never get bored as they know it's secrets: every name translates into something else!
Let's take for example the word "Awiw" - it is a male word and it means spring/springtime. Krakow is famous for it Jewish District - Kazimierz - which used to be at the beginning a different city, attached to the city of Krakow. As you take off the tram - tram stop Miodowa - and you walk towards the Old Sinagogue you will see a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating and daily live music playing. That restaurant is typical Jewish and it's one of the many typical Jewish restaurants in the square ;) but it is surely gonna make your stay worthwhile. Especially if you come in the late afternoon when the band plays live ;)
The "Awiw" has seatings both indoor and outdoor, in the square that holds the 3 sinagogues. There is almost always someone to show you in and help you with a seat. We went there early morning and it was quite cold outside but already there were couples - both locals and visitors, foreigners - having their breakfast and coffee. There were 2 lovely young ladies that invited us in and as we got seated they brought us red blankets to warm up - I love when they do that for the outdoor seating, it feels so cozy!
The menu: typical Jewish - Polish menu and it's written both in Polish and in English language ;) not to mention it also has pictures so you can't complain you have absolutely no clue what you are eating. The ingredients are also listed so don't worry if you have an intolerance of any kind ;) in case you have any questions the ladies command of English is perfect so you can ask away. 
The service: both the 2 young ushers and the lady who served us knew English very well and when I tried speaking Polish they were all smiles and curtsy. We were given blankets to warm up and the hot drinks that we requested came first and quite fast - I had an amazing mint tea with fresh mint leaves and my mother had a very nicely shaped cappuccino. The serving of food was quite fast and it was at the right temperature. The only minus with the serving is that we had to wait quite a bit to get the bill. Don't forget to add around 10% tip as it is not included in the printout ;) You need not worry as you can pay both cash or credit card. They also accept different currencies ;)
The food: I had a typical Jewish breakfast - which included 2 soft fried eggs, the typical bread "pita", fresh salad with baby tomatoes and hummus with avocado. My mum had the Jewish - Polish traditional bagel. You can't come to Krakow and not try the traditional "obwarzanek" - round bagel with a whole. Well this bagel was done with soft creamy white cheese and fresh salmon with a side of salad with baby tomatoes as well. We agreed we should share and it was the most perfect breakfast I had in a very long while! The combinations of taste and smell were divine and I would love to have that again. Very much :) Don't forget that here the breakfast is served only until 1 PM.
The prices:
- Fried egg with hummus, avocado and pita bread - 19 zloty
- Bagel wih riccota cheese and smoked salmon - 14 zloty
- Green Tea with mint - 9 zloty
- Cappucino - 12 zloty
The overall experience: Both me and my mother loved it :) it was a nice and peaceful time, not filled with tourists, the weather was crispy and the blankets were warm. We admired even the lovely red flowers on the tables, matching our blankets... the serving was nice, the drinks were warm, the food was delicious and we ate it to the last morsel even though we had a snack when we left home! It was a good experience and for sure I will love to go there again. Maybe even to try something else from their menu - maybe again something traditional Jewish :) this restaurant landed on top of my favourite places in Kazimierz so if you are brave enough to venture to Krakow and its Jewish District, make sure you put "Awiw" on the list ;) even if it's for a brief snack. Maybe I will try again when it's a concert! 

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Breakfast

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