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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Stories Of Krakow Doors (Entrances) - Part 4

Dearest hearts,

A while back I started on my Instagram page a series about Krakow's doors / entrances. Each door in Krakow, for me at least, has a story to tell. Let me know if you think the story fits or if the picture tells you a different story than the one I think of :) You can also read here the first 2 short stories, here the second batch and the third!
Short Story number 7 - It looks like nobody should go in... this door seems so heavy under the attack of man, that it looks to me as if it would like to shout out... as if it would like to scream out: #iwanttobreakfree ! Maybe the old, wooden door, with its columns guarding, is just waiting for a light touch of a hand to spring open and show the beauties inside... yet the door is not allowed, and maybe it's sad because of that... 😢 this one goes to all those beautiful yet sad door in Kraków, that don't get much attention...
Short Story number 8 - While strolling though the Planty area (the park surrounding the Old Town Kraków), next to the Wawel Castle, you will discover where the seminarians live and learn how to be priest - the healers of the soul. The building is old and made out of lovely red brick, contrasting with all the greenery around. It must be lovely to wake up in the morning and see the Wawel Castle just outside your window and hear the birds in the trees from the Planty sing... 🐦🌳
Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Magical Doors That Tell Stories

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