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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Travel Tuesday: Why You Should Travel With Your Half

My dearest traveller friends,

Welcome to yet another #traveltuesday post :) last time I was telling you why you should travel alone at least once in your life and today I have flipped the coin and I mean to tell you why you should travel with your half, or even a dear friend. Travelling is all about experiences and collecting memories so collecting memories with your better half is always the right thing to do. Just think about it, as you get older you will remember the good old days and the fun trips you had together. By that time you will most certainly forget the bad things or see them as a special experience on the learning curve.  So... without any further ado,  let me tell you why I think you should travel with your half/in couples or with a dear friend:
1. Planning in 2 is way more fun and this way you know you won't forget anything. As long as you keep tabs on whom does what and whom is responsible for one thing or another, you will see that planning a trip is much more easier. One half might be in charge with booking the plane and where to stay and the other will do the planning on what to visit and what to pack. Sharing the responsibility is great!
2. Developing patience and understanding - you might not like the same things and want to go to the same places so this will make you compromise and meet each other half way through. It will strengthen your relationship and test your limits and boundaries. 

3. Get to know each other - you might get out of your comfort zone and pushed into different situations... you will see what each other likes to do in the mornings afternoons and nights... you will see what they eat and how they eat, how they behave in public or in situations one would panic. It's gonna be fun!

4. You won't have to do another selfie - you will have someone constantly with you that can take your photo(s) ;) it might be an issue if you want a photo with the both of you... but you can always ask a passerby or ask your lovely half to carry a tripod! 

5. Travel delays or "dead time" in the airport or waiting for the buses/train/tram will pass in an instant when you have someone to talk about. True: the cell phone, WiFi and a good book will always come in handy but... a human interaction always bests that!

Bonus: In case you forgot something there is a high chance he/she might have it so... as I always say: sharing is caring! Travelling in 2 is always great fun but don't fool yourself, as travelling alone, it does have its pluses and minuses (waiting after someone, handling tantrums, compromising where to go...). How about you? How do you prefer to travel? 

Yours sincerely, 
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to travel with her better half (my awesome husband)

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