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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Amazing Polish Women: Marie Curie

Dearest hearts,

Poland is amazing through many things and one thing the Polish people are very proud of are their Nobel Prizes and they have quite a few. The most famous one should be the physics award from 1903, on the 10th of December (this very day, over 100 years ago!), awarded to Pierre and Marie Curie. You may have heard of the famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie Sklodowska, but probably you might think she is French. Wrong! She was born and raised in Poland - unfortunately at that time women were not allowed much and even though she tried to go to university in Krakow and Warsaw she was rejected. France was at that time very open minded and they said Yes! Why not? :) so... she got to continue her studies and met her half - Pierre - and they started working together. 
Marie Curie Sklodowska 
Just so you know...
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska was the very first women that got a Nobel Prize.
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska is the only women, even until this very day - more than 100 years after she took her very first Nobel Prize - that received 2 NPs!
  • Not on was she amazing but she instilled that awesomeness over her daughter as well. Marie Curie's daughter won a Nobel Prize for chemistry as well, making them the one and only mother-daughter duo that won Nobel Prizes. 
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska discovered the element in the chemical table named "polonium", named after her homeland - Poland.
  • Marie Curie had money issues... In 1891 she moved to Paris and enrolled in the University of Paris to pursue her dream studies of physics, chemistry and maths. She studied during the day and gave tuitions in the evenings. She has so less money that she lived on on bread, butter and tea - she occasionally fainted from hunger :(
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska met Pierre Curie because she was looking for a place to rent where she could be able to do her research.
  • Initially the committee for the Nobel Prize did not want to award Marie as well. Pierre found out though an advocate of women's rights and pressed on so she would be awarded as well. With the money they got they were able to afford an assistant for their experiments.
  • She was so amazingly dedicated to her work that she died because of her experiments. In 1934 she went to the Sanatorium in Passy, France to get some rest and strength. She died there on the 4th of July 1934 of aplastic anemia - caused by prolonged exposure to radiation.  
Marie Curie and her Nobel Prize awarded daughter, Irene
How amazing is it to be a women ahead your age, paving the path for the others? She must have been a sight to behold and talking to her would have left you with your jaw dropped for several days. Marie Curie Sklodowska is one of Poland's amazing women that knew how to carve their way and amaze the world, making it a better and wiser place. Did you knew all that about Marie, or have you thought she was "so French"?

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Speak About Amazing Women

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