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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Krakow - Cukiernia Starowicz

Dearest sweethearts,

Love always goes through the stomach, or so I have been told! If you know how to cook for your man than you are for sure to be married happily. Nonsense... my cooking skills amount to being able to prepare a decent breakfast made out of eggs. I can prepare a mean portion of scrambled eggs with whatever is in the house... but that's about it! You can check out my DIY page and see my tryouts there... I am jeleaus on all those bloggers with perfect pretty pictures of food they make... haha! Leaving that aside I am lucky my better half actually loves sweets. He definitely has a sweet tooth for all sugary items - including myself ;))) so naturally trying out sweet shops is a must. 
The Jewish District offers many sweet corner shops, some older than before the Second World War! The sweet shops in Poland are named "Cukiernia" from the word cukier that means sugar. You can usually find in a "Cukiernia" both candies and lollipops and marshmallows but also, and more frequently, baked sweets. My favourite baked sweets: szarlotka (apple pie) and sernik (cheesecake); but if I'm on the go and I feel the need for a quick snack the "drozdzowki" always do the trick! 
You might ask what is a "drozdzowka"... well... it's a sweet roll, a sweet bun that in Poland is usually served with sweet cheese ( sometimes with raisins added), poppy seeds and/or jam. It comes in round flat shapes or in long twirly ones (usually the ones with cheese). Well this shop in Kazimierz, the Jewish District, that I will tell you about: Cukiernia Starowicz - does a mini version of the "drozdzowki" that is just fingerliking amazing!!! You won't be able to stop eating them!
Cukiernia Starowicz started out in 1951 in a different location, on ulica Bartosza. They started out by producing the famous (at least for the locals) ice cream named "Pingwinek". They used to sell it in prams with wooden ice boxes and it would sell out in a jiffy! It was homemade, natural and sweet; and the kids (and grown ups alike) loved it! Stanislaw and Jan Starowicz also opened up a place in Bozego Ciala, being so successful with the ice cream selling - the shops name was "Fortuna". There they started to diversify their products - they sold the typical caramel candies called "krowka", along with waffles and huge lollipops to satisfy the young customers. They also started producing sweets especially for Christmas, in special packaging so they could be used as decorations for the Christmas tree & the traditional sheep made out if bread "baranek" for Easter.
The items available that day and their prices :)
In the spring of 2013 the company moved into its new location on ulica Swietego Wawrzynca 32. It is quite a popular location now with the locals but not only, as word-of-mouth always spreads fast. They also have a Facebook and a Internet page. They have been featured in the local newspaper several times and they boast on saying that their sweet called "Dzwon Zygmunta" (Zygmund's Bell) was a delicacy distinguished by the Internet users in a contest of the municipality of Krakow.  

I only tried the mini drozdzowki as I was in a hurry and I felt the need for something sweet and tasty and those just looked perfect - round shaped and small enough for a bite... I mean... they were just too inviting not to shove them in my mouth ;))) The mini drozdzowki cost 30 zloty per kilo and they are totally worth every grosz! They are sweet and soft and the cheese is so smooth and fine that you think these pieces are from the stuff Heaven is made! Every time I think of them my mouth waters! I must go there again to try Zygmund's Bell :) there is also a corner with table and chairs if you wish to have it there but I always prefer to have my goodies to go - by the mouthful!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Discover New Sweet Shops

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