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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Krakow - MilkBar Tomasza - The Best English Breakfast In Krakow

Dear hearts,

One of the greatest joys in life is the joy of eating something tasty, something that makes you smile and think of good times! No! Don't lie to yourself, you don't have to be a gourmand, a specialist, in order to love food. And don't tell me that at least once in your life you smiled due to eating something you viewed as delicious - tastes here don't matter as everyone is different and our taste buds are unique. Some may enjoy eating cake with pickles, some may like the combination of hot & cold, some may adore spicy food (some lucky people who don't have hemorrhoids!)... you don't account for tastes... but if more than a dozen people say the best English/Irish breakfast in Krakow can be served only at MilkBar Tomasza, well you better believe it!
As I have said, good food can put a smile upon your face and considerably brighten up your day. For me a good breakfast is important - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It has to be well done and filled with tasty calories that you get to burn throughout the day. Ever since I was a wee lass I never skipped a breakfast and it would 99.9% of the time have eggs (usually fried, sunny side up) and bacon ( if possible crisp - fried). I always loved the USA breakfast - with some orange juice and maybe pancakes and Mo-Ja Cafe offers a delicious one ;) but the number 1 place goes to the true British breakfast - it has sausages!!! So when I came to Krakow I tried a lot of places and figured out my top places to have breakfast in the Old Town - MilkBar Tomasza is one of them ;) and I'll tell you why!
MilkBar Tomasza is - as the title also states it - a choice that should be considered by everyone, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner ;) milk bars in Poland are quite popular and they are a memory of the communist times in Poland. Here you can get cheap and good food, "made for the masses" aka in very large portions. Food made in huge pots always tastes better, don't you think? It reminds me of the food made in the army or made in the good old cantina for the students.  Never ate better mashed potatoes or soup or anything with gravy... yum! MilkBar, if one visits Poland, are a definite must - they should be part of your #bucketlist and they are as cheap as it can get! The only minus that you might find is that it is self-service (polish: samoobslugowa) - that means you gotta move your arse to get the food! Another minus might be that these places are always crowded with students and locals trying to get some hot, good and cheap meal
MilkBar Tomasza is one of a kind, Quite close to the Old Town main market square but way off the touristy beaten track. As the name locates it, the MilkBar is on the Sw. Tomasza (Saint Thomas street). It comprises of one large room with less than a dozen wooden tables matched with wooden chairs and benches. There is only one toilet both for women and men - it's a payed toilet if you don't consume anything but it's free for the customers. The menu is also listed on large blackboards above the counter and the first sign you see is the one stating that they serve "Irish Breakfast". It is their most reviewed (on TripAdvisor and other platforms) and most recommended by the ones who try it at least once.  They probably serve it around the clock but I am not sure ... I ate it around 1pm and everything was just as it should! It's not for nothing that the British expats come here once in a while especially for it. 
When I asked on the Facebook Krakow Expats group what the true  British expats have to say about the Irish Breakfast at MilkBar Tomasza I got the same answer: the best one in town! Apparently the owner brings the sausages from Ireland even - now that's a different level of dedication for a meal! I tested the Irish breakfast paired up with a few glasses of fresh lemonade with mint leaves. They both tasted delicious! The breakfast was scrumptious and to fell in love with - the toasts were perfectly soft and crunchy and not burned! the butter was enough for the toast, the bacon was crispy, the tomatoe was fresh and juicy, the beans were nicely seasoned, the potatoe chips were crunchy yet soft on the inside, the eggs were soft and fresh and the sausages were fingerliking great! The lemonade was fresh and not very sweet, with delicate mint leaves - made me order the second glass in an instant!
The price:
- amazingly yummy Irish breakfast = 18 zloty (a piece of Heaven if you ask me!)
- a glass of fresh lemonade = 4 zloty

Now I dunno if the magic was complete due to the fact that the radio they had was playing only British music... a lot of U2 that melted my heart! And when I started my meal it started playing "Sunday gloomy Sunday"... awwwww! They touched a soft spot! So if you are in Krakow in the Old Town and you are searching for a good breakfast spot, make sure you reserve a day for MilkBar Tomasza ;) and... for those who have "been there, done that" I would love to hear your opinion :)

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Breakfast

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