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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Made in Poland: Madame GooGoo - Baby Carriers and not only

Dearest hearts,

As a fresh mum there are so many things I get excited from when it comes to my little LadyBug Baby Girl - what to dress her in, what toys to buy, what music we should listen to... bur also practical things like how to carry around my little bundle of joy without killing my back. Let's face it, kids grow up so fast! She is over 4 months now and more than 12 cm longer than the "original size". I want to keep her next to me and also be flexible about it.
My dear friend Claudia is a huge fan of carry on options for the babies - she knows everything from cotton wrap to elastic wrap to carriers - and I am proud to say I was her padawan :) she was the one who told me about Madame GooGoo for the first time. Claudia lives in Romania and heard about an amazing company for baby carriers #madeinpoland ! I could not believe it - I live here for 5 years and had no clue... but then again I am a fresh mum and the "mum topics" never interested me until now... But when we settled that I shall be talking my little LadyBug Baby Girl home to Romania for a few months I began searching for the best options to travel. I was already familiar with the elastic wrap - that saved me from many cries and tantrums... - so I thought carriers would be the next logical step ;) That's how I got in contact with Justyna Grzegorek, customer service specialist at MADAME GOOGOO. She was kind enough to accept a small interview for my blog, as I was dieing to show you their magical world - they create true pieces of art when it comes to carriers ❤🐞❤
1. Good day MADAME GOOGOO :) can you tell us how the company started, when and why you choose this name for it?
It all started a few years back when Agnieszka Lipińska was looking for a baby carrier for her little daughter. However, none of those which were in the market back then could really satisfy her needs. A boring design and plain dark colours were not what Aga would see herself wearing. However, her creative spirit combined with excellent sewing skills encouraged her to make a carrier on her own! Soon she found herself doing first prototypes in her apartment, which she later meticulously tested on her family, friends and babywearing mums met online. When designing the carriers, Aga was not afraid to choose vibrant colors and fun patterns, combined with stylish hoods and adornments, which soon were to become the characteristic features of her recognizable style. Months of hard work paid off. Finally, she could open a small sewing studio and started receiving first orders. The company needed a name, though. When trying to come up with a catching phrase, Aga found an inspiration in her baby daughter’s cooing sounds, which gave her an idea for the name “MADAME GOOGOO”. So here’s an advice for all parents out there: always listen closely to your little ones! ;)

2. What are most important 3 things that you consider when you are creating a carrier for the little ones? 
We put a strong emphasis on the ergonomics, safety, and fun design of our carriers.
An ergonomic structure should be a key feature of every babywearing product, as it needs to ensure a comfortable and healthy position for both the baby and the wearer. MADAME GOOGOO offers a wide range of sizes, which can also be individually customized with each customer. Every single part of the carrier is designed with utmost care. The panel equipped with deep seat darts and legs out padding provides plenty of room for the baby’s bum and protects the baby’s legs. Thickly padded shoulder straps and waist band ensure maximum comfort for the wearer by evenly distributing the weight of the carrier.

Out of concern for the safety of our products we use highest quality components: certified buckles, strong threads, and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics which were tested for harmful substances. All MGG carriers are made by skillful seamstress in our two workshops in Warsaw.  
We believe that babywearing should be a joyful experience for the whole family so we don’t forget about aesthetics. Customization is the key word here. Our customers have a possibly to customize their orders by choosing their favorite fabrics and design features. Additionally, we offer many fun accessories: ears, dino spikes, wings, decorative gems – you name it! All this makes their carriers even more special to them… and to us :)

3. How did you extend the market from being a #madeinpoland product and selling just in Poland vs. opening up worldwide?
It’s funny cause we’ve always been more popular internationally rather than locally. Majority of our customers come from North America, Asia and European countries, whereas orders from Poland constitute a rather small percentage of all sales. I believe this is due to the fact that babywearing is a relatively new thing in Poland and you don’t see many people wearing their babies here. However, things are changing rapidly! With each month we keep noticing an increase in inquiries and sales from Poland, which makes us extremely happy!

4. What are your greatest achievements this far? What are the 3 things you are most proud of?
We are super proud that MGG is constantly developing, trying to improve the quality of products and services, and ever aiming at perfection. We keep adding new options to our offer, for example we’ve recently came up with an idea for an adjustable panel, which turned out to be enormously popular with our customers.

Excellent contact with our customers is yet another aspect of our job which we value very highly. We always try be attentive to the needs and requests coming from the MGG community, as very often they are a great source of inspiration. Our customers come up with amazing ideas we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves! It is only now that we’ve completed a custom carrier inspired with a cat – it has whiskers, a tail, and cat’s features – all made at a special request of an individual customer.
Lastly, we are proud of the recognizable style MGG has developed over the past few years and been known for in the babywearing world. Being true to oneself is something that each designer wishes for.

5. What plans do you have for the future? What is MADAME GOOGOO up to next?
Currently we are working on a collection of in-stock carriers with fully adjustable panels. And then… who knows! We are open-minded and look forward to new challenging projects!
Bonus question: If you could turn back the clock of time and grant one person a MADAME GOOGOO carrier, whom would that be and why?
It’s a tough question, as there are too many people who would deserve being given such a lovely gift. However, if I were to turn back time and pick only one person, I’d give it to my mother, as a sign of my immense love and gratitude to her :)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Madame GooGoo Carriers ❤

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