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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Random Motherhood Thoughts...

Dearest hearts,

Here I am again with another post on Motherhood. Please run away as fast as you can if you are not into the topic, and come back in a while - when I will post more about Poland and Romania and life in between. Today is a day for all the Mothers out there that feel my pain ;) Yesterday my little LadyBug Baby Girl turned 5 months old. I still dont know where time flies like that... it seems only like yesterday when I first got to hold her and I was thinking of how small she was and how I cannot wait for her to talk to me. Here I am... fast forward 5 months... with a true Princess. She is like her Daddy and I and she is quite a tall strong for her age. Our pediatrician says she is so nicely built that when she was almost 4 months she looked at least like a half year old baby. It fills me with pride and joy to see her develop well. It is said that children develop well when they are loved and when they are in a good environment. It makes me happy to think that we are able to provide such environment and I thank God daily for it. 
It might seem sound odd but we pass through the day without thinking to thank for the things we take for granted... Shamefully I have not quite thought about it until our Princess came along. It is true what they say... a child does change you, change your life and the way you think and act. It's become quite a ritual for me to pray for her before she falls asleep for the night. We pray by asking most of the times and there are very few cases when we actually thank God for the things we have. We assume that we always had them and we deserve them... in a way... Well I thought about it and recently I believe in giving thanks to every small little thing. I started by giving thanks to the below:
- I thank God that we live in a country where there is Peace, where there is no war and fighting on the streets. I thank God that the right to hold a weapon/gun is not available for everyone.
- I thank God that we live in an economically stable country/environment and for the growing economy that Poland has.
- I thank God that we (both me and my amazing husband) have steady and good jobs that allow us to live a good life.
- I thank God for my family and friends and the fact that they love me and I can love them back and hear from them that they are safe and sound. 
These things for me, even if you find them trivial or if you place them in the "whatever" category are very important for your life and for your sanity of mind. Just think of how different things would be for your child if you would live in a war zone... or if you would lose your job, your means of income, or if you would be all alone. I know that we forget to count the blessings that we have and it's much easier to focus on the negative... but I think we should make this a daily exercise - praying and thinking of the ones we love and the things we should be thankful.  Of course my small LadyBug Baby Girl is one of the first things I am thankful for and in case you did not know, blessing your child daily us something every parent should do ;) I wish to raise my LadyBug to love God and believe that his Love is without boundaries. Our Love should be the same, as Love is the greatest gift that God gave us. What do you wish your baby would believe?

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves God & His Daily Blessings

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