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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Travel Tuesday: Legends of Iasi - Romania

Dearest sweethearts,

Today Romania celebrates the "Small Union" day - the day when Moldavia united with Wallachia. If you are around do go out and see the manifestations on the streets. There will be military parades and that's always something I find very beautiful to watch. Today it's #traveltuesday again :) and I could not find a more fitted moment to present to you a bit more of my homeland, of my home city, located in the heart of Moldavia. Today I will shortly list you a couple of the well known legends of Iasi!
The statue of Stephen the Great - Palace of Culture in Iasi, Romania 
1. The Statue of Stephen the Great - Palace of Culture - well... you heard me telling you about this one before... it seems that The sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet portrayed Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare) rather tall and bearded and with a Catholic crown... and people started to gossip that the statue might not be his and the real one may be in Krakow, Poland.
2. The many hidden tunnels underneath the city - the catacombs - You might think Rome had quite a few but wait and think: Iasi is a mirror of Rome, it is the city built on 7 hills as well ;) and underneath it there are numerous tunnels leading from one Hill to another and some say even further than the city itself.  True, now it's dangerous to go in and most of them are collapsed, but they were built around Stephen the Great time and they were used to run away from the tatars that were constantly charging on Moldavian region. I remember my grandparents showing me some of them near Cotnari region - they were so tall that a man riding it's horse could have went through. Fast/swift and unknown...
The archway students don't like ;)
3. The tunnel/archway that students never pass - located on the Copou Hill, on the way to the main University building, there is a specific archway that (almost) all students avoid walking under... the urban legend says that if you pass under it you will fail your exams. Another story says that people started avoiding it during communist times, when certain interrogations took place there and the screaming was above the regular decibel numbers...
4. The Bucium Hill, where all the cars go uphill without having their motors turned on... well, I ain't no driver si I can't tell you much about this one... but some drivers say there is a portion on Bucium where the cars go uphill with the motor of the car being turned off. Some speculate that may be due to a magnetic field but some rather say it's an optical illusion... they think the road is going up when in fact it's going down.

Have you ever been to Moldavia? That is the region in Romania, not the country Moldavia that's just "next door" from us ;) many people make the mistake of thinking that is one and the same place... if you have been to Moldavia have you ever been to Iasi? Have you ever heard of these legends? Do you believe them to be true?

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Urban Legends

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