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Friday, 17 February 2017

5 Ways Madame GooGoo Carriers Saved My Life

Dearest sweethearts,

A while ago I was telling you about the lovely #madeinpoland products by Madame GooGoo. The marketing ladies lovingly entrusted me with a carrier to test, and the moment could not have been better! Last year I was planning my trip back home and somehow I was dreading it. I dreaded the travelling part for the first time in my life! Not even when I had to fly from Romania to America did I panic so much or get scared... having a little LadyBug Baby Girl at the age of almost 4 months and travelling by plane is a challenge! My little lady had her first flights at the age of 4 months without a day, and to my surprise she acted much better then I did! The Madame GooGoo Carriers are made to be used when the baby is 4+ months, usually when the baby begins to sit well on the tush ie and it's tall enough. Each carrier is fitted to the best option for the baby and the mother. They are designed by mothers for mothers, keeping in mind the ergonomic structure - neither mother nor baby should be harmed. There are si many carriers nowdays on the market and people are not trained enough on how a true carrier should look like - sad story :( when one could at least Google things out at this speedy Internet age! Our little LadyBug Baby Girl is getting bigger and bigger - she is taller than most kids her age and developing skills very fast, so handling her in a carrier at an early age was a must for both of us - taking restrain off my back and keeping her happy, close to me. I must admit Madame GooGoo Carrier was a life savior in many occasions in these last 2 months, but I'll share with you 5 ways in which the carrier saved my life:

1. Travelling with an almost 4 months old by plane, switching flights - we were scheduled to have only 2 flights home: Krakow - Vienna - Iasi with a break between flights of almost 4 hours. Enough for the little one to eat, change, play, take a nap & me and my amazingly supportive sister to grab a cappucino. Fast forward to the day of the flight, 1 hour before boarding time: flight from Krakow to Vienna was cancelled... this was on the 19th of December and there were not many options as... Guess what?! Christmas time! People wanna go home... we ended up having 3 flights with time in between flights of around 45 min... imagine me running around terminals with the carriage of the little one... impossible! Now think of having a carrier that you can put on while in the aircraft and getting a headstart, having your arms free for the tickets, passport and other luggage... much better!!!
2. Handling rough terrain aka wintertime in Romania, when you simply cannot use the carriage due to the immense amount  of snow piling up... sure, a few days after snow clears up its all good, but the baby needs to get out daily and you don't wanna raise the carriage every meter through a pile of snow... it's dangerous for you and the baby! Having a carrier takes a load off your mind and you can go everywhere! Hands free for shopping as well ;) and talking on the phone with friends whom you need to meet or have a coffee on the go ;)
Sporting out the lovely Madame GooGoo Carrier in front of the National Theater in Iasi, Romania 
3. Visits to the doctor - let's face it, even when you go to the doctor you want everything to be quick: in and out! I don't wanna stay long there! The children are the same... they don't want an odd and sterile person to touch them and look at them... but it's a must... and I dunno about you but I don't like going to the pediatr with all the other potentially sick kids around. Having the Madame GooGoo Carrier gave me a sense of security over my little one. I could keep my little LadyBug Baby Girl next to me at all times, facing me, and I could go fast in and out. 
4. Stairs - my worst enemy when I'm out with the Little LadyBug - when I'm with the carriage I avoid anything with stairs and steps and this ruins any impromptu ideas I might have. Having a carrier magically gives you the flexibility you once had. Going up and down the stairs won't be as hard as having a carriage. You'll be able to get up that flight of 5-10 stairs in a jiffy! My back feels comfortable, no strain whatsoever and I can see the little ones smiling face looking at me :) or at the cars going past us on the street... she's fascinated! And it's better than laying down in the carriage. An upright position helps her see more, experience more and get more information in her beautiful brain. 
5. Sleeping time - everyone knows that rocking a baby puts it faster to sleep. Babies love the movement similar from the time when they were in their mothers womb. They love being close to their mothers, hearing their heart and feeling them there. The carriers are a brilliant invention that let's mothers have their hands free while taking care of the babies, keeping them happy and safe. Madame GooGoo Carriers are not only beautifully done, with attractive material for children and mothers alike, but they also help mums in the rocking/sleeping time. When I put my wee lass in the carrier and take her for a walk, she falls asleep in around 5-10 min due to the movement (and fresh air). It's a miracle for babies who tire their mums ;) and it does stop the crying!

I have to admit Madame GooGoo Carrier was a life savior and I am grateful each day, each moment that I wear it. It's a brilliant invention and investment especially for new mums that wanna do more and still be active and multifunctional while taking good care of the wee ones.  I cannot recommend it highly enough and I must admit it is one of the revelations I had as a mother. Motherhood is all about learning and Madame GooGoo Carrier taught me quite a lot. I am sure it will teach me even more in the days/weeks/months to come :) 

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Madame GooGoo Carriers

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