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Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Guide To... Falling In Love

Dearest hearts,

Well it was about time to tackle the "subject of the month" : Valentine's Day - to be or not to be?! That is the question! If you are Romanian or lived in Romania for a while, you might have heard about our very national and traditional festivity of Love, called "Dragobete". Of course I don't feel the need to Americanise everything but there is a tendency nowdays to borrow celebrations - for example Halloween/Hallows Eve and Thanksgiving. I also don't feel the need to have just one day a year to celebrate love, or one day a year to say to the ones you love "I love you!". I believe that saying this on a daily basis to your significant other(s) is the thing to do! You never know what the next moment brings and letting the other know that they are loved is an uplifting experience.  I hear this daily and it makes me smile when I am down. It always lifts my spirits up :) But recently I've been thinking about Generation Z, the Generation of Now, and it scares me to think how little they know about falling in love, how for them true love does not quite exist anymore and how everything seems to become overly sexual in their eyes, from a very young age. I dunno if I'm the right person to talk/preach about love, but hey! The writings on this blog have always been free flow... so... without any further ado, here is my guide to "Falling in Love":
1. Accept who you are - nobody will love someone who does not accept himself/herself. If you can't handle yourself how do you expect/presume others will?! In a healthy and happy relationship both partners are at peace with themselves and with the world around them.
2. Learn to love yourself - God made you with a purpose higher than yourself. He made you to love and be loved, to be happy, not to sit in a corner and cry/mope about how life has treated you so unfairly! If you can't love yourself... well... check Point 1!
3. Think of the things that make you happy- when you are happy you are relaxant and more in tune with the world. Positive energies attract people who have positive energies as well. And having a hobby may get you closer to your future partner. Let's say you both love to dance, or both enjoy martial arts... pop! You already have one thing in common, toomey hinges to talk a about!
4. Let things go - sometimes, the more you focus on a thing you get stressed and you feel as if your life slips through your fingers... the moment you let things go, have it their own way, the moment you let go of the reigns of Life you will see your story unfold. Take my example: the moment I let myself go of thoughts about having someone, the moment I was at peace with whom I was, that's when Love came knocking at my door ;)
5. Love is unexpected and you might fall for someone who is not "your type" - but he might actually turn up to be "The One"! So be careful whom you talk to and make sure you never fake things! (That brings me to the next point!)
6. Never fake it! Always be yourself! (Unless you can be a unicorn, in that case...) - there is no point in telling lies to yourself or the one you love. Fall in love for real for the person next to you and be sure that they see you naked - not naked naked, but I mean without makeup and without the fuss, the person whom you really are. You don't wanna end up further in life, thinking... who is this person next to me?!
7. Love does not mean smother - each of you have different things you love and some you might have in common, some you may learn to like or even love together but... some will always be your very own. That means both you and your partner can and will go out on their own and have a piece of their life unattached. Love means you know they are out there but you know they love you and think of you and will come back ;)
Love is a very complex feeling, it is not a stable equation. Love is unexpected and fulfilling yet somehow it knows how to strip you naked in front of your significant others eyes. Falling in love, especially accidentally, is an amazing feeling that I wish everyone could go through. I hope everyone had a lovely #valentinesday or will have an amazing #dragobete :) I'll celebrate Love everyday! So you should as well...

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves (Daily!)

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