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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Don't We Love To Hoard?!

Dearest sweethearts,

I know it's uncomfortable to admit, but each and everyone if us is a bit of a hoarder, even if it's deep inside of you... it still rears it's head up from time to time. At the beginning, when I started to think why we hoard things I thought that we due it due to our communistic background where everything could and should have been recycled. You did not but things, you were not in a society based on consuming everything until the world went dry. Everything had a measure so that - ideally - everyone could have a bit of everything. Things would be mended if they got broken, so everything you received could be in a way used and reused. "You never know when you're gonna need it!" - that was the saying... Nowdays the focus is on producing more, even if that burns out all the natural resources. Weirdly enough people did not stop hoarding... There is a trend now, maybe not that we'll know, called "Minimalism". You should read more about it ;)
You don't actually need all the things you own. It is true, some of us may be compulsive hoarders - yes, there is such a thing! The specialists have run tests and analysis (The New England Journal of Medicine published an article on this, if you're interested in learning more) and found out that this is a true sickness. People feel the need to spend money and accumulate objects around them. It might be a small thing... like collecting Kinder egg surprises, or saving clippings out of newspapers, or it could get out of hand... overboard... when people let go and their whole house becomes a junkyard. People get so used to having all these around them that they don't even realise how dangerous it can get. I believe in USA there is a special TV show about "Hoarders", where they show drastic cases of people that don't even have where to sleep...having their house filled with rubbish they don't need! We do just the same... maybe on a smaller scale but we do that nonetheless.
I recommend doing at least twice a year (i love doing this in spring and autumn): full house cleaning. I don't mean the scrubbing of each piece of furniture/floor/wall/door in your house. What I mean is going through your closets and boxes and wardrobes and other storage places, and creating 3 big piles: definite keepers, definite NO (things you will throw or give away for charity) and Maybe's.  My advice is to keep the Maybe's to a minimum as at the beginning you will tend to put everything there... The worst part is letting things go. You are so used to having that particular item that you get attached to it and maybe certain found memories are relived just by looking at it - seashells from your first trip to Greece, your postcard collection, the dried roses you got for your graduation... maybe you think that throwing that away means letting ģo of that fond memory. Challenge yourself! Stop collecting things and start collecting memories instead!
But what can you do if you simply cannot let go of things? Well... try to think it if "Final Destination" frame of mind: you won't inherit this world, you will eventually die and... guess what? You can't tell the year, month nor the day that you will leave your shell and go to a better place. And guess what else? You won't be able to carry all you hoarded into the grave - you are not like the Kings of Egypt to be buried in a pyramid with all your possessions. Think light and start de cluttering your closet, your room, your house, your life! Kick out the things that bring negative energy and set yourself free!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Tries To Hoard Less And Less...

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