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Monday, 20 February 2017

Iasi, Romania: Bistro Copou - Pancakes With Soul

Dearest sweethearts,

Ever since I was a wee lass I loved food. Food was not just something you placed in your mouth, chewed and be done with. It was not just a fuel for me to burn. Food was always something magical, especially when my amazing Granny was doing it. She is able to whip up food and create recipes on the go, with whatever she had in the fridge at the time.  One of my favourite dishes were pancakes. The traditional Romanian ones made with cheese and raisins and sour cream, prepared in the oven. This was always bliss ;) Granny can create pancakes with everything - mushroom, meat, sweet preserves... you name it! Rarely I was able to find such great pancakes like my granny makes them. I had amazing fluffy American style pancakes in Krakow, but never the flat - European ones. In Iasi there was a place called Oscar that had great pancakes with cheese and raisins, just like Granny does but... I think their chef went away and things are just not the same :( but recently I have discovered that my hometown is not yet lost when it comes to pancakes. Not since the "Bistro Copou - O clatitarie cu suflet" (A pancake place with soul) was opened. 
Picture taken from Bistro Copou Facebook Page
The Bistro Copou did not open ages ago, no maam! It opened its doors this beginning of the year (Winter of 2017) and it is situated on the place where another pancake place was located. It is located very near to the entrance to Copou Park (where Eminescu's linden tree is located). The place was opened less than a week when I passed it's door - it still had the sign from the old pancake place, now it already has its brand new and exciting electrical display with its new name. The moment I passed it's doorway I liked the colors - of course I felt welcomed also by the fact that I simply adore the combination of green and red. Pair that also with black and white and you will see why once you step inside Bistro Copou you will feel relaxed. The interior got me thinking of summer and wishing for some sunshine, as all furniture is made out of wood. I would soon expect to have sand beneath my feet and to begin my relaxation with a drink that would have a little colorful umbrella in it...
We came there for a small snack... maybe a pancake with something sweet... something not much, that we could handle fast. That's an error of thinking that you will soon remedy! The menu offers both pancakes as dessert but also pancakes as a full meal. You can also get some shaorma or different regular food (soups included!), but why should you come to a place where they take pride on "pancakes with soul" and not eat a pancake!? Beats me! So, of course, we asked what they recommend and the answer was, if we wanted something not sweet - for lunch, to try out the "House pancake specialty". As the weather was quite cold/freezing outside we paired that up with some hot chocolate (hazelnut flavour, very sweet and creamy) and lemon tea ( with loads and loads of lemon! Delicious!). The lovely part about Bistro Copou is the fact that you get to watch while your meal is being cooked! The kitchen is open and you can see the chef flipping the pancake in front of your eyes ;) The lady who served us was all smiles and curtsy and you could see she really wanted to please us. We ended up ordering some pancakes for home as well, to go. Unfortunately Bistro Copou does not have, right now, a homeorder option.
The prices:
- lemon tea with loads of lemon - 6 RON 
- hot chocolate (different flavours) - 10 RON
- "Clatita casei" - the pancake home specialty - 16 RON - chicken breast and bacon ❤
- Pancakes With chocolate and fruits - 14 RON
Verdict: lovely place, would like to go there again and try now the sweet ones (the one we took home was for my Granny and she loved it!). I may even take with me the little LadyBug Baby Girl as the chairs are big and she could sit on the tush, between the big pillows that each chair has :) 

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Pancakes

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