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Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Generation of Now

Dearest sweethearts,

A different topic I wanted to tackle today, but last night got my wheels spinning, thinking of the generation of now. I'm not talking about the Millennial kids, I'm actually talking about Generation Z. In case you did not know the Generation Z refers to all kids born from 1994 to 2005. It's the very first generation when the Internet was so widespread and the technology simply boomed. My generation still remembers using floppy disks, cd's and dvd's as storage method. Then we used external hard drives and... now we use cloud storage... all during my lifetime! But Generation Z does not even know what a floppy disk is! There was a case where a boy was shown one and asked what it was. The boy thought it was a 3D print of the Save icon... priceless but... scary in a way... to think how technology and the world is on Fast Forward and how kids are given now some things for granted. I remember that my first cell phone came when I was in the 9th grade - high school. And guess what?! I feel grateful for that, as I can see children nowdays who are addicted to it from a very young age. The same they are addicted to TV and Internet, especially Facebook. 
Last night I went to the National Theater in Iasi, to check out an item from my #bucketlist - watching "The Sound of Music" live, on stage. I was away to do so and see the Romanian version. My mother told me to expect large crowds of little ones, of children, and she was right... I would say at least 70% of the theatre was filled with wee lasses and lads of all ages! I think there were a couple of classes from school as well! I would not dare say it's a story for children, even if it had children playing main characters... it is indeed a story of Love inside the Family but it also tells about the Second World War and how it changed the life of the Von Trapp family. It is a story I have known since childhood and since then each time I see the musical something new shines it's light upon me, I see a certain scene in a new way. I remember as a child is was less focused on the historical side than on the music itself... I don't think I would have been able to understand it all fully at that time... Anyway... "The Sound of Music" is a musical you live with all your heart and watching it live was a blessing. Of course Julie Andrews can never be topped as Maria! But the show was wonderful! 

But it's not the show I wish to speak of... in my back, there was a group of Generation Z. From their beginning of the conversation, in the very first minutes of the show, I found out (rather loud and clear) how they were here only because their mothers made them to. How horrid! Forcing them to be exposed to culture, rather than staying on their smartphones on Facebook.  What they proceed onto next was to take out their phones, put the headsets on and listen to some dull - commercial - bulls**t piece of something they called music... I wanted to rip their headsets off and throw their phones away. Instead I lowered and raised my voice, turned to them and said "Silence" and gave them "the look" (you know... the one that kills!). It worked for a while... but listening to their chatter and lack of fine manners when it comes to being in public places, and especially at the Theater... was very sad indeed! I know education starts at home and all the vibes from them came off wrong... as if everything was for them and they could do as they please

As a contrast, in front of me there was a full family (i believe): mum, dad and 2 daughters. The small ones did not make any sounds but you could see clearly how much they enjoyed being there, how much they enjoyed the play. The small one I believe must have been 6 or maybe 7 years old. She truly loved it... you could see her swinging and swaying in the rhythm of the music... she was clapping her hands for each performance and at the end she did not want to leave and was sad that the show ended. She managed the 2 hours and a half like an angel. I believe that she had more manners than the 3 kids behind me. Yes, she did not have a phone of her own but who needs a phone at that age? Children shod have limited of no time to the Internet, phone, TV and other sources that distract and eat away the time. Children should be allowed to think and create and develop a deeper understanding for deeper meanings. And that should happen at a young age! Respect is another thing one learns during childhood and I am sad to say I see it less and less in children nowdays. The Generation of Now thrives on narcissism and egocentric behaviours. Showing off is a must! Don't you believe all this is sad? Do you see things the same way? 

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Hopes For A Better Generation

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