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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Things I Am Thankful For - January 2017

Dearest hearts,

In every day that passes I belive everyone should be able to find at least one thing that they are thankful for. I believe that we tend to forget to count our blessings and we rather like to think of our sorrows more than we should. I believe one of the keys to happiness is acceptance, another key is love, another is being thankful... considering the fact that nowdays most people even forget to say "Thank you" it is no wonder that few of us truly are happy.
I propose a little exercise this year: at the beginning of each month think of the month that passed and write a list of at least 5 Things you are thankful for - it can be an item, a person, an action, a thought, a smile... put it all on paper and think of what makes you happy and how those things made you happy. Stay true to yourself and try to think of the things you truly are thankful for, from the bottom of your heart... not just a random list of 5 items, but rather create something with true meaning. As we are at the beginning of another month, let's think about what you are thankful for from the month of January. Here is my list - the order is random ;) 
  1. Being in a country where there is no state of war - both Poland and Romania are safe in terms of an environment where there is no conflict and you can go to sleep without worrying about tomorrow and if you will have a roof over your head, else it would be blown off and your house will be rabble... I am thankful my little LadyBug Baby Girl can go outside and listen to the birds and the wind in the trees and not hear sound of bombs and sirens.
    The Entrance/Door at the Mitropolitain Church located on Stefan cel Mare Street (Stephen the Great)
  2. I am able to spend time with the ones I love, with my family, especially with my Mum and Granny - how many can boast on living a 4 generations moment? I am glad my little LadyBug Baby Girl got the chance to meet my Mum and my Granny. I am happy they are alive and they can see her grow. I am happy I was able to bring her to my homeland, even if for a brief period of time. 
  3. I got to see "Winter" again - somehow, even though Poland is a much colder country in terms of temperature, I never got that childhood feeling about winter as I get when I am back home, in Romania. I am thankful for the crisp air, for the soft snow, for the rays of sun that sparkle in the fresh snow, for the snowmen that appear over night, for the squeaky snow underneath my boots, for the long winter... with brief moments of "Spring is coming!" After which there is yet another snowfall... 
    Winter in Copou - Iasi, Romania 
  4. The Little LadyBug Baby Girl getting her first "solid" meals - my mum keeps remembering funny stories about me being Emma's age and hating all veggies but loving everything that was meat related ;))) somehow I think she'll be the same... definitely not a vegetarian!
    The first carrot soup... mmmm.... yummy!
  5. Aging nicely :) This makes me crank a smile... twice this past month people thought I was younger... exhibit A: lady at church, after prayer, asked me to which Faculty I tried out. Exhibit B: lady in random shop - I was looking at some clothes and she proposed a very nice piece. I declined saying that after birth I don't wear that tight clothing... at least just yet. She complimented me on being a young mother at 18 :))) I must be doing something right! Someone up there loves me!
What are the things YOU are thankful for? What made you happy, what made you smile this past month? Search in your heart, think about it and put it on paper. You don't have to share it if you don't wish to ;) it can be only for your eyes, but do it nonetheless - #countyourblessings and be happy!

Yours wholeheartedly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Wants To Be Thankful For The Little Wonders Of Life

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