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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thoughts of Democracy: A Romanian Revolution In The Making

Good morning everyone!

I don't usually go into politics... but when I do, I tend to get personal and remember about the past! Thousands of people all over Romania as well as Romanian people living abroad went on the streets last night... and the night before as well! Why? - might you ask, well... it's only because power corrupts and the people that govern Romania are two faced lying bastards that care not about the people, but they do care about their rising bank accounts. Tuesday night an emergency ordinance came out - it decriminalised certain offences, but worst of all it stated that people that entertain official misconduct and the damage is less than 200.000 lei (that's around 38.000 pounds!) can and will walk away free. The news came at around 10 pm! Who passes laws at that hour!? 
People on Bd. Independentei in Iasi - February 1st, 2017
Immediately people around the country took to the streets and the movement began... Media estimated around 12.000 people alone, that night, in Bucharest. Last night the numbers went up, not unexpectedly! At 5 pm the local radio was saying that around 5.000 people gathered in the Main Market Square in Iasi - Union Square / Piata Unirii. At around 9 pm the group marched along the Bd. Independentei (Freedom Boulevard... nice name ;) is it not!) under the balcony of the apartment I was in. I watched the column pass by for 40 min straight and went inside to my little one finally and the crowds kept pouring and pouring... peacefully and in order. The estimated number at that time, in Iasi, was over 15.000 people! The numbers coming from around the country kept rising and it was official now that Romania had another revolution in the making... the numbers of people in the streets was bigger than the one during the "Fall of Communism" Revolution in 1989. They were right... History does repeat itself! I just didn't think it would repeat itself so soon!
Source: Facebook - Bucharest - February 1st, 2017
I am sure that Facebook and in general the social media was a great help into the mobilisation I have seen the last 2-3 days... I remember 1989 and I know that back then all the source of information was from the TV, radio or newspapers. The phones were tapped so you could not say much... so the info was not flowing so fast and freely. I know that the TV now lies, mass media lies, but you have friends in your list that you know and care - they don't lie! They tell the world as it is, through their perspective, they tell their thoughts and ideas. I don't own a TV for more than 5 years now and I am happier without the lies people are fed daily. Through the Internet people gathered and helped each other. I have colleagues and friends who went on the streets in Iasi and Bucharest. Peacefully, some with their young children. I am proud of them! They are fighting for a better world... I am sad to say but I kinda gave up on Hope in regards to my homeland...
I gave up on Hope as each time I come home I feel the city, the region, my country is worst than I left her last time... I used to be like that... hitting the streets, thinking I could change the world... then I grew out of it... but I still have this feeling, from time to time, like I had last night, that MAYBE! Maybe things could get better... I wanted to go out in the streets with my friends and shout and believe... but then again I am a mother now so my first priority is my little LadyBug Baby Girl. Her safety is paramount and you never know what and when something bad can happen. You can take care but you can't take care of others that only wish harm. The protests in Bucharest were peaceful until last night around 11 pm a group of football fanatics came in and started to instigate by throwing things at the policeman who were guarding the protestants. Of course most of the protestants formed a human shield between the policeman who were attacked and the instigators. The armed forces were obliged to disperse the crowd... To those who asked me why I did not go out to protest: I am a mother, I have a 5 months old lady and I do not wish to put her in danger. Yes! I did go to vote! I did that abroad and I urged others to do so as well! (Not that it helped much...)
Iasi - February 1st, 2017 - Union Square 
I am proud of the people, the everyday people that live in Bucharest and that put out their homes, free of charge, so that people from around the country could come and manifest. I am proud of the Facebook groups formed with the purpose to help each other get to Bucharest and protest. I am proud of the my friends and colleagues who took days off to be there. Of the several ones that when they heard the news they immediately booked flights to Bucharest so they could be there the next day. I am proud of the degree of commitment I see in the young people, in my generation. They wished for a better world but all they were given back was broken... broken trust... history repeating itself. I am sure that tonight protests will continue and that more and more people will come out in the streets. I pray that God keeps my friends safe as the government is clearly set against them. We believe in democracy and human right and the power of speech... none of that is real! Democracy died with thunderous applause the day that after the '89 Revolution Iliescu came to place. Democracy died when Lech was made president as well. They were all just pawns in a bigger game...

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug - Over & Out on This Very Political Subject 

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