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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Why Star Wars Is Not "Boys Only"

Dearest Star Wars fans,

This one is dedicated to you and especially to all the little girls out there who grow up to love Star Wars. I can't imagine my childhood without thinking about movies and when I do think about movies I think about the good old Star Wars original trilogy. Recently I have read in the Facebook  groups a lot of cases in which wee lasses were attacked by lads at kindergarten/school, telling them that "Star Wars is a boys only movie!" - utterly horrible thinking if you ask me! Of course, boys will be boys and especially kids can be very mean! (I know that from my own childhood wars). I remember one of the very first movies that I watched at the big screen, from the ones I actually remember, was Star Wars: A New Hope. I was just a wee LadyBug when all that wonderful story began to unfold in front if my eyes... to this day I believe Princess Leia to be one of my best models of being a kick arse lady in a world full of men. Whomever states that Star Wars is other for boys does not understand the movies completely and should not consider himself a fan! It's like you would deliberately kick out and reject all the female characters and the importance that they have! Where would the Saga be without Padme, Ashoka, Leia, Mon Mothma, Jyn or Rey?! So without any further ado let me tell you my thoughts why you should never say that Star Wars is "boys only":
1. It's true that the original trilogy had almost a full cast of guys and when you think about the movies, female characters, you most probably can recall only Princess Leia Organa and the Rebels leader and heart Mon Mothma. Fair enough, but that does not mean it's only for boys - look at the big picture and the number of times when Leia takes control of the situation and always manages to get Han and Luke out of scrapes. She shows initiative and sass and brain all at once. She is empowering and hard not to notice. Of course, back then the science fiction  movies did not exist and somehow George Lucas maybe thought it was more of a boy's thing, but he could not be more wrong! There are women that are still fans after more than 4 decades! Now that is commitment!
2. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy - that's right! Did a male take over the legacy that Lucas brought into this world?! Nope! He left it all in the hands of a woman. He entrusted a women to take the baton on and lead the way into developing further the Star Wars expanded universe. And guess what?! I think he was right to do so, considering the movies that came out: The Force Awakens (TFA) and Rogue One (R1). TFA had the lobby unknown until Star Wars, Daisy Ridley, who is just fingerliking amazing playing Rey. R1 has Felicity Jones playing the young rebel Jyn Erso & we get to see much more female rebel characters ( including pilots in action, that were a legacy from the old Star Wars trilogy).
3. Loving/hating/being neutral in relationship with Star Wars is something personal, not necessary something instilled by someone. It's true, I love Star Wars because my father took me to see A New Hope, but guess what?! I was the one who deliberately wanted to go see part 5 and 6! I was the one that was drawing all day and night sketches of R2D2 and Princess Leia and the X Wings! I was not forced into liking them and I did not have a boyfriend who guided me through! On the other hand, I was the one that taught my boyfriend, my fiancee, my husband, my better half actually about the joys and wonders of Star Wars expanded universe! Love indeed means that you don't have to explain any SW reference ;) call me geeky - I don't mind!
4. All the amazing female characters - just pick one and look at it! Just look at it! There are so many things you can learn from them. Shmi - she is a slave that gets freed but think of how it was at the beginning when she found out she was pregnant out if the blue. She was strong and courageous and decided to keep the baby and raise it from her heart. She had faith in Anakin. Padme - strong and gentle and wise for her age. Capable of so much love... Queen really knew what they were says in the line " Too much love can kill you"... To be Queen and then Senator is not a small thing! Aunt Beru- you never give her credit, buy think about it! She had to accept a little boy and raise it like her own and you can see she loves Luke and acts as his guardian, echoing his wishes of joint the Academy. Mon Mothma - the heart and soul of the Rebellion. A wise and kind leader to whom everyone (every male!) bows.
Princess Leia Organa - strong and smart and kick arse lady in a world where men only reside. Perfect aiming capabilities (unlike stormtroopers) and so much sass... even when George introduced the metal bikini she still was able to be amazing, as usual, and save the day! Rey - alone since she was a wee lass she was able to handle herself nicely, be strong, remain faithful to her true self, learn how to pilot divinely (even Han offers her a job!). Who says you need a male influence in your life?! 
5. Without females there would be no males, no perpetuation of species. Without Shmi the midiclorians would not have been able to converge into one spot and take life as a human. True, probably there might have been some meddling there from the Dark Side but you still would have needed a vessel for the birth ;)
Do you think that Star Wars is a "boy's only" movie or do you also believe that is utter bollocks and gendering science fiction movies like that is pure nonsense? I am glad my little LadyBug Baby Girl is gettingbigger so I can soon... hopefully very soon... teach her about the "ways of the Force". Being a strong female character in a sci fi movie should never be able issue, especially considering how the population gender is split. And as I said... look at Leia versus Han or Luke, the lyrics "Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you" - including shooting stormtroopers and handling war tactics ;)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Star Wars Ever Since She Was A Wee Lass 

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