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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Piece of Romanian History: 22nd March 1965

Dearest hearts,

Welcome to my homeland, Romania, and it's interesting past. History always is a fascinating thing, if one looks at it closely. It's a merry-go-round, a wheel that keeps turning, having ups and downs along the way. Indeed history repeats itself in one form or another.  Some things that we may think are wrong one day we might think, on the long term, that they were not that bad considering the present time. But we are human, we make mistakes and such is our nature. Today I wish to bring to you a piece of Romanian History.  When I say that I am Romanian, people all over the world connect that fact with a couple of our symbols: Nadia Comaneci - for being the first gymnast that scored perfect 10 at the Olympic Games, Hagi - if someone is into football, Brancusi - if someone is into art, Transfagarasan - if people watch Top Gear, Transylvania and Dracula - if they are into horror stories and... last but not least, everyone (especially former communist countries) knows a bit about Ceausescu. For me that was always a rather sad story to think about, once I got a bit older and start thinking things through. No matter how bad/evil/negative someone can be it's not as bad as to take someone's life, especially in the harsh/cruel/animalistic way it was done. Life prison, life punishment and serving the community would have been the way I would have approached it, but shooting someone like that... and especially during that time of year (Christmas)... it looks like taking pigs to slaughter. It's degrading both for the ones executed and the executors alike. But nevermind that, the story from today is how it all got started...
Partidul Muncitoresc Roman (The Romanian Labour Party) used to have as the leader and Prime Secretary the man called Gheorghiu Dej. Now he died on the 19th of March 1965 due to cancer. The Party needed a new leader and whom else should emerge but Nicolae Ceausescu. He was a leader even before he took over Gheorghiu Dej's job/title.
He was in charge with the key sectors of power: the Army, the Security, the Justice Department and to top it all up the Militia as well! Nicolae Ceausescu was elected on the 22nd of March 1965, as the next Prime Secretary of the Party. Odd thing is nowdays people tend to look at him as if he was a monster... but looking back in history there are many positive steps that he took. For example, Romania was the first country in the socialist camp/block that established relations, diplomatic relationships, at embassy level with Germany - 31st January 1967. Also the Romanian Socialist Republic was THE ONLY communist state that has not severed relations with Israel after the "Six Day War".  Sometimes I think that maybe his advisors were not all that truthful in telling him how the country, how the people, felt about the changes that took place in the last year's.  But well... I guess we won't ever know the whole truth. I think that's why we always love pointing fingers and shifting blame, so we could feel better about ourselves. I wonder what his thoughts were, this very day, 52 years ago... I wonder if he thought how he could change the world, how he could change Romania. I wonder what he would say if he could see it now...

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves History

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