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Monday, 13 March 2017

Iasi - Pizzeria Mamma Mia - Desserts

Dearest sweethearts,

I don't get to write often about places in my hometown, although there are quite a few restaurants and pizza places that should be mentioned. Nowdays everyone that gets to Iasi, Romania, flocks to the Palas Mall and they usually grab a bite at the food court or the restaurants around the mall. It's a pity though, people rarely fall out of this pattern.  No offence, Palas Mall is indeed "the heart of the city" as it's motto says - due to its location, but there are dozen of other places - some a stone throw away - that are worthy to be checked out. Now today I wanna present to you Mamma Mia - the pizza place on the street Stefan cel Mare. You need only to ask for the place and everyone will be able to point it out ;) it's very well known and it's always filled with people, no matter the day or the time.
Oddly enough, even though it is a pizza place, most of the people recommend the shaorma there. In general the portions are big, enough for two in some cases! Take for example what we ordered: pancakes - the portion contains 2, "papanasi" (traditional Romanian sweet) - the portion contained 2 small "mountains". Have not tried the food there in a while, but when I was during uni and master they had good food, served at the proper temperature. Now this time I went there with a dear friend that wanted to have some "papanasi" - seeing the menu we agreed that "sharing is caring" so we tried 2 desserts ;)
Of Course, when you are having a caloric bomb like that, such a sweet tooth must be paired with something sour that would keep you down from acting too hyper ;) so for me a lemonade is must! Even better if it's done with honey and not sugar (healthier!) and it has mint in it. The seating options vary from tables for 2 to connected tables for more. In the summer time there is also a small terrace in the park over the street, under the shade if trees. The cute this inside is the ceiling, with mirrors and plants.  The serving is fast, even when crowded, and it's the first restaurant in Iasi that I saw it has table bells - to order, place order and ask for check. 
The prices:
- Honey Mint Lemonade - 10,50 RON - done with honey, not the awful sugar that does not do good to your amazing body ;)
- Papanasi (we had them with sour cream and yummy jam) - 14,90 RON - the portion is perfectly done for 2 persons, as you can see in the pictures as well :)
- Pancakes With Cheese Made In The Oven - 11,90 RON - filled with cheese from cows and sour cream, vanilla and raisins, this is a dessert that always reminds me of childhood. Serve it while it's hot! ;)

How about you, my dears? Have you ever been in Iasi? Have you ever had some lunch or just some sweets at "Mamma Mia"? It's always crowded here and people enjoy this place. It's been there for years and it looks like it's here to stay. Decent service and prices and yummy desserts ;) I can say that #twistedredladybug recommends it!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Food

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