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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Spring in My Childhood

Dearest hearts,

I don't know if you ever thought about how much you miss childhood. We are always taught to live the moment and get prepared for the future, yet I believe I always liked the past more. History is do much more fascinating and interesting than sometimes times nowdays. Not to mention the fact that history seems to repeat itself once in a while - it's a windmill, a merry-go-round... even when I travel, and I really love to travel, I prefer locations that tell a story vs. all inclusive locations where all you do is eat-sleep-bathe and repeat.  I think that looking back at our past is something we should do, once in a while, but only with the true purpose of making us smile, not ponder upon things that we have done but cannot change. You cannot turn back the Sands of Time but you can learn from your mistakes. That's why when I think of the past I prefer to think about my childhood, the time of dreams and joy in ones life. The month of March always gets me thinking of my childhood...
In Romania, the month of March always gets celebrated rather colorfully and joyfully.  On the 1st of March we celebrate the "Martisor" aka "The Year's Rope" - a string of white and red symbolising the spring coming. On the 8th of March there is the Mother's Day. Plus all the month you get to wear "martisoare" and women get flowers and gifts. You also should pick and choose a day between 1st and 9th of March included (before the 1st of March) and it is said that how the weather is that day that's how your year will be ;) March is the month that shows nature coming back to life and when dozen upon dozen of flowers start to pop up seemingly out of nowhere ;) There is a certain burst of color and you know spring is here when you start seeing people selling spring flowers at every corner.
I remember being a wee lass and being absolutely anxious about the time between 1st and 8th of March. There were flowers to be bought, cards to be made (coloring, cutting and glueing flowers and other odd bits and pieces, not to mention coming up with a nice text!), surprises to be kept hidden from mum and granny. I remember asking my Granny or Granddad to buy me flowers for my teacher and "martisoare" for all of my colleagues at school + something extra for friends. Everyone had "martisoare" for everyone in class during my first to 4th grade. The typical motives were for good luck: the chimney sweeper, the four leaved clover, the horseshoe... but there were other essential ones made out if only white and red string. Of course you would give the prettiest ones to the ones you liked most and at the end of the day you would come home with your chest covered in them. I always felt proud coming home all decorated with them, buying flowers for mum and granny - that was when sprung started for me :) the garden in front of the house started to turn green and the small white flower buds would come out creeping from under the snow. You could hear the birds singing more often and with more power and miraculously the day would become bigger and bigger and we were allowed more and more out of the house. Of course it was sad seeing the Snowman melt... but then again, we would make sure to do a bigger one next year so it would last longer ;)
I'm looking at kids nowdays... and I'm sad to see them getting older before their time. I done see them feel a difference between the seasons, other then when the next phone comes out or what parents need to buy them or people need to do for them. I sometimes get sad that generations have Fast Forward pressed on their life. I would not trade my childhood without anything in the world! And I wish I can make a beautiful childhood for my little LadyBug Baby Girl.  A childhood filled with dreams, love and natural beauty. A childhood in which she will wear a "martisor" and at the end of the month March she will make a wish and place it in a tree that blossoms.  I surely hope you'll do the same and find your inner child!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Childhood 

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