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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Things I Am Thankful For - February 2017

Dearest hearts,

I don't know if you remember the exercise I was promising to you just the other day, but I will share it again with you now, so might try to join in as well. This post is all about counting the good things in life that have happened to you the past month. This post will try to make you think, even for a wee moment, about the positive things that happened to you and you might have overlooked. A month ago I was telling you about the things I was thankful for in the month on January - you don't have to make a full list, as you can see it's better to start small and build it up. I encourage you to think of 5 Things, 5 Moments, 5 Memories from the past month. Pick the ones that made you smile the most and write them down. Without any further ado and not necessarily in this order, here are my 5 Things I am Thankful for the past month:
1. Cutting down one item off my #bucketlist - watching "The Sound of Music" (the musical). It was done by the National Opera in Iasi and presented at the National Theater in Iasi. It was done in Romanian language, translated, but very well put together! It was a beautiful surprise to finally see it and be there with my mother. I wish, one day, I can share a similar moment with my little LadyBug Baby Girl.
Standing ovations for "The Sound of Music" ("Sunetul Muzicii") in the National Theater - Iasi, Romania 
2. The Little LadyBug Baby Girl just got her first tooth! I'm a proud mum that loves her little lady, but I don't feel the need to post pictures of my baby daily, nor update everyone on my Facebook list on when my wee lass is having her poo or when she sneezes. Some things are just private! But I am very happy to say we went through this challenge as well and we were victorious. We are becoming a small bunny with white front teeth and we bite everything we can get our cute hands on!
Ladybug Hand Resting :)
3. Being able to get to Laura and Mr. Tic's book gathering. You heard me talking about Laura before, and her adorable fluffy little bundle of joy: her dog Tic. She writes stories about her, Tic and her better half, Andrei. Andrei is a brilliant photographer that strives for perfection. They all 3 make a lovely crazy family. Reading their stories makes me smile :) so I had to make sure my collection is complete. I already had volume 1 and 2 so... I just had to have number 3 ;) and I was happy to see Laura again, in flesh and bone :)
A book for my soul, with a lot of soul inside it ;)
4. The opera recital at the Central Library of the University (BCU - Biblioteca Central Universitara). It was another gift... another beautiful moment in time next to my mother.  I missed going to the Opera and being home and doing this with my mother filled my heart with joy. I am thankful I got to spend this time with her - I felt again as if I was in high school or university and had a night out together :) In Krakow getting tickets for the Opera is always a fuss... they get sold our 3 months before the show (at least!)...
Me, Mum and the Griffin from the BCU Iasi :)
5. Little LadyBug Baby Girl is getting bigger and bigger, now she is sitting on her tush ;))) next thing you know she's gonna start running around the house! I cannot believe where time has gone by... on the 20th, last month, she turned 6 months! It's as if time flies at the blink of an eye. I'm happy when she is happy and I am sad when she cries. How can a small bundle change one so much?
Now... what are the things YOU are thankful for? What made you happy, what made you smile this past month? Search in your heart, think about it and put it on paper. You don't have to share it if you don't wish to. It can be only for your eyes, but nonetheless try to do this exercise. Do it regularly and with all your heart.  #countyourblessings and be happy!

Yours wholeheartedly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Wants To Be Thankful For The Little Wonders Of Life

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