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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Travel Tuesday: Travelling In Iasi With A Baby Under 1 Year

Dearest sweethearts,

I don't know where time flies like that... it's like it has its own hidden agenda! I remember when I was a wee lass and it seemed I had all the time in the world, now I have no idea how the Sands of Time slip through my fingers. I remember thinking that reaching 40 years of age meant one was already old, but now when I look at things I think of 40 as the second period of youth. You gotta look on the bright side of life, else you can get depressed! I always wanted to have a baby until I reach 30 - 30 years sounded like a round and reasonable age to be a serious and grown up mum! Well, all I can say is that someone up there loves me and that 2 months before reaching 30 I got the best gift ever: my little LadyBug Baby Girl.  Now being a mum is unlike everyone tells you. Let's face it, everybody lies! Even Dr. House knew that ;) so taking care of a baby 24/7 can come as a challenge, so you will want some help. I was blessed to have both my mother and granny with me in the first 2 months of Emilia Elena's. We needed that, we admit it! Else we could not have had any sleep... For Christmas I wanted to come home with the little LadyBug and enjoy time with them. The stay planned was quite long - over 3 months - and I quite experienced new feelings towards my hometown.  
Now Iasi would be similar to Krakow as Bucharest would be for Warsaw. Iasi is the rather old cultural capital and it has many good (recognised) universities. It is a beautiful city filled with history, a city that was more than once compared with the ancient city of Rome. As Rome, it also resides on 7 hills and it boasts (mmm rather I should say "used to") of lovely green spaces for relaxation. Krakow during winter months is a pain, due to the lack of air circulation there is always fog and smog, so taking the small one to Romania for the fresh air was important! Now I always have a cultural shock when coming back home but coming back home, during wintertime, was both magical but also highly depressive. Magical in terms of Iasi under clear and crisp white snow, a magical world, a true wintery fairyland. Depressive in terms of comparison to the infrastructure that Krakow has vs. Iasi. I have been discussing with a dear friend that comes to Iasi once a year for family and friends and she finds Iasi changed in a positive way, cleaner and more organised. True, you can perceive it like that if you stay only in the center of the city, travel only by cab and stay on a few days and don't need to get involved with any public institutions. 
Ladybug Hand Resting With Her First "Martisor"
I feel the need for the Government to have a year in the life of a regular person and see how they handle it. Add to that having a small baby under a year old. Travelling in Iasi with a baby under a year old can be quite a challenge. I came prepared, knowing the roads here... but still daily I grew more and more disappointed. I had both the carrier that saved my life - my favourite, the Madame GooGoo Carrier - but also the carriage. Let's face it, once you have snow there is no way to get the carriage out of the house and into Iasi streets. The way they clean the streets does not allow you to have a casual walk, it transforms into a challenge of going up and down snow hills and hoping nothing breaks. There is also the hazard of snow falling or icicles breaking and crashing on you from the houses or buildings that you pass - nobody cleans the roofs and they prefer of placing signs like "Be careful. Snow falling" - zero responsibility! The streets and the pavements are not created for carrying a carriage or for people with disability and if there are ramps for helping one off/on they are so badly made it feels like escalating a hill... The carrier, in these cases and not only, is a must! You can walk faster and use the stairs without cursing every 2 seconds. You can feel normal again! Until someone feels the need to give you advice about your child, on the street. A random person telling you what you should and should not be doing with your child. It's... refreshing :/ here everything seems everyone's business and the fact that you carry a child in a carrier or a pram will not stop people bumping into you or wondering why you don't move out of their way. It makes me sad as I remember the Iasi of my childhood without greater pleasure; wishing my little LadyBug could have seen it then. Don't get me wrong... the problem is not in the city, but in how people have changed - if this is evolution I don't want it!

Yours straight from the heart, 
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Iasi, Even when It Drives Me Crazy...

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