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Monday, 10 April 2017

10 Things I Loved About The Beauty And The Beast (the 2017 version)

Dearest Disney fans,
Dearest Beauty and the Beast fans,

**WARNING!!! This post is all about the latest Disney movie: The Beauty and The Beast, in human form (Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast - prince Adam. It will be an extensive post and it will have loads of pictures and text so please grab yourself a cup of tea and a warm blanket and enjoy!**
I don't know about you, but I always loved a story where the girl gets to be brave and bold and saves herself and the world around her, rather than waiting for Prince Charming to do the trick! Of course lately Disney has provided plenty of that, with the feisty red-haired Merida to the long blond hair Rapunzel. But in the Old classics the shining Star, the beacon of light and women empowerment was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Of course the name itself shows that the female main character is a fair maiden, like all the other Disney Princesses but she was special, she was "A funny girl" that loved to stay with her nose in her books. She was one of a kind in a world of damsels in distress, so obviously she was my favourite Princess ;) so I was very excited to see "The Beauty and The Beast" in the new human-CGI form. I wondered if Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were going to make me happy with how they would fill up Belle and Adam's shoes (that's right, in case you didn't know The Beast in human form actually does have a name as Prince!). But without any further ado let me get into the things I loved about the new "The Beauty and The Beast" movie:
1) At first I was not sure about Emma Watson being my beloved Belle, even though I loved her tremendously as Hermione Granger, but after all... they seem to have so much in common (the characters). It was such a pleasant surprise to hear her sing - she has a clear and crisp voice that makes one smile.
2) The Prince/Beast - now I always found Dan Stevens more mature and somehow unevenly paired with Emma but on the big screen it seemed to work just fine! It was a good match, not perfect, but with decent chemistry. In the live action movie we never hear his true name, Adam, and I consider that a great pity :( I always loved that you could tell him apart from all the other Disney Princes.
3) The amazing background characters - can't pick a favourite but I surely love the duo of Lumiere (portrayed heavenly by Ewan McGregor) - Cogsworth  (adorable Ian McKellen), Lumiere - Plummette, Gaston - LeFou (who simply steals the show each time he's on screen!) or the motherly Mrs. Potts and small little Chip. A huge kudos for Luke Evans as Gaston - can't help but laughing at his monologue in the mirror, but you can tell why even his friend LeFou leaves him in the end. Luke Evans managed to show a meanness in Gaston and show him as a true narcissist! He is indeed the best version of Gaston I have ever seen - bringing a fresh new dark side, especially in the scene where he leaves Maurice to the wolves...
4) The new songs - if they don't get you teary eyes then you have no soul! Especially on the one where The Beast let's Belle go and he climbs the tower, quickly searching for sale last good look at her. He knows he is in love with her but he finally understands that loving someone means also letting the other one go. Love is not selfish, love is kind!
5) The one of a kind costumes - I still don't know why Belle's dress (her ordinary blue one, for house chores in the city/home) has a corner up, as if the length would bother her - but that can't be it, as he's a practical (yet dreamy) lady. I must admit all Belle's dresses are one of a kind and made me think of the original movie - the animation. The Beast's blue - like his lovely eyes - coat is just precious; the details are exquisite!
6) The character development - we learn more about both Belle's and Adam's  (The Beast) family. We see why Belle is such a bookish lass, we see her flaws and we see her quirkiness. We see how Adam got to be so self-centered, growing up without a mum (just like Belle) but how he redeems himself and learns to love. We see LeFou being all about how marvelous Gaston is, up to the moment where he realises that Gaston is the real monster.
7) The visuals - the scene alone with Lumiere (played by Ewan McGregor) singing the well known "Be Our Guest" is so beautiful it makes me smile only thinking of it. It was a pleasure watching it in 3D even if I was in a filled auditorium and my seats were on 3rd row and everything seemed to come at me!
8) The infusion of feminism - Belle teaches a girl to read, she is a inventor herself - helping out her father, she even created the (maybe) first washing machine! Plus... she tries to escape from the tower in the Beast's castle by making a rope out of a ill fitted gown! Talk about strength! :) Belle doesn't need to be rescued, she'll rescue Adam herself!
9) The story of Belle's and Adam's past - much more details and information than in the animation and I really enjoyed that!
10) The ending: They die! They all die! And it beaks your heart into tiny little pieces. It got me sobbing... But Not ONLY Me, but the audience as well. It is changed a bit, from the original animation, but I think it was a surprise in a rather positive way. Of course true love wins and breaks the spell. Of course they live happily ever after, even if Belle discovers she has a thing for men with beard... The losing and recovering part is truly delightful!

Pluses on:
- scene where Belle heads to the hills/mountains got me thinking of the opening sequence in my beloved "The Sound of Music" with the song "The Hills Are Alive (With The Sound of Music)".

Minuses on:
- I was really hoping to see Belle playing with daffodils but I guess it was not the season  :( I was hoping for the scene in the library where she swoooshes on the ladder but maybe Emma Watson was afraid of heights :p and... only enough I was missing the scene where The Beast has birds coming on his paws...

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves The Beauty and The Beast 

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