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Sunday, 16 April 2017

10 Things I Loved About "Logan"

Dearest hearts,

When one falls in love with Marvel movies/comics, one falls in love completely head over heals. It's the kind of love that you wish to spread, to share; a love for beautiful and creative things that come from the minds of human beings. I cannot place a certain moment in time when I fell in love with Marvel, nor with DC Comics, but in love I am nonetheless. Of course X-Men movies drew me closer and closer until everything was so familiar and the stories were intertwined so much you just couldn't skip a movie. Marvel has the only fans that are crazy enough to sit tight on their seats while the credits roll, in order to catch a small glimpse on what the next movie is going to be like - that's what I call dedication ;) But now the chapter of X-Men: Wolverine is coming to an end, at least for Hugh Jackman as Wolfie and Patrick Stewart as Professor X.  After 17 years he is sadly RETIRING :((( and the final movie is called simply: Logan. I have seen it, with tears in my eyes. For those who got attached to Wolverine this will be a sad movie, sad times. But don't get me wrong, I'll tell you 10 Things I Loved about "Logan":
1) Logan is unlike any other Marvel, X-Men movie. It's almost like a standalone movie with only Wolverine and Professor X to remind us of what mutants used to be. It's dark, gloomy, dirty, bloody and it has an odd feeling of Mad Max in it! (On several scenes my memory would go back to the old Mad Max movies). Even so, I believe it's the best acting I've seen from both Hugh Jackman as Wolfie and Patrick Stewart as The Professor. 
2) The opening sequence that gives you a clear taste on how dark and sad the movie will be. It's not about a dreamy perfect future, it's about a time when mutants have gone extinct and even Logan is not the mutant he used to be. We learn yet again the hard truth that not all things last.
3) The Humanity of the last mutants and the way that humans are the inhuman ones. It's true, once we learn about something new, something far more powerful than us, we begin to be afraid and wish to destroy that "something". We are afraid of the unknown, yet the idea that a better species, the mutants, should become extinct as they are extremely dangerous... it's a sad idea, yet it fits on how the world nowdays views things.
4) Laura's upgrade - meet Laura, Wolverine's daughter that he never knew he had. She was born in Mexico in a facility that aimed to create "The Ultimate Weapon" - strong mutant soldiers without conscience. Laura comes from Wolfie's DNA and because she is a female, and females need skills both for offence and defence, she has an extra set of adamantium blades in her feet. Sneaky thing that comes in handy, as you will see ;)
5) The X-Men comics - Easter Egg - it wasn't a Marvel X-Men movie filled with cameos and there were no special appearances, and I loved that as it made Logan a standalone movie. I loved that Wolverine picked the comic book up and stated that "comics aren't real life", somehow pointing to Laura that all is not action and glory, but there is also darkness in real life, sad things that happened to the ones you love, friends that no longer are with you, bills you have to pay... and so on. 
6) X-24 or what I like to call Dark Side Wolfie ;) now there was a shock and horror move from the team, when we see Wolverine's claws sinking into Professor X. I gasped and skipped a beat when I watched the fight between Wolverine and his dark twisted pitbull-on-a-leash Wolfie counterpart. They had managed to create the Ultimate Weapon without feeling. Thank God though, in the end Wolverine and Laura manage to destroy it.
7) The perfect trio - when the team creating this movie agreed that they will have a limited amount of actors and instead focus on character development and the dynamics, well... they surely knew what they were doing! The screen lights up when Laura and Logan team up in fights, we roll laughing when Professor X and Logan start bickering like a dad and son couple. It's a perfect mix that gets you hooked up fast! Not to mention kudos to the amazing lady plating Laura - she's not talking half of the movie but her gaze is enough. I look forward to seeing her career progress and I would love to see her become the next Wolverine, as feministic as that sounds.
8) "You're holding your own heart in your hand" (premonition on how Logan will die, done in a previous Wolverine installment) - Wolverine dies rescuing Laura, holding her hand. When he says "So this it how it feels like" I started sobbing... and not just me, but the others in the cinema as well, grown up men included! I am unsure if he refers to dieing or to loving someone like that, to love a daughter, your own flesh and blood... Would LOVE to know what is your take on this ;)
9) Love and Family above all. Somehow it's a given that Superheroes don't get a happy ending though they tasted love. Wolverine tasted love in the romantic way, in the "agape" friendship way as well, but this time we see him in a different light as he comes to accept that he has a daughter. Sacrificing himself for her, for his family, is the only way.
10) All Superheroes have an end. There is no such thing as immortality even in the comic books, even in fantasy land everything has an end. It's one of the most realistic and human movies of the X-Men series. Even mutants have an expiration date when they go meet their Maker. Sadly this will be Hugh Jackman's last movie as Wolverine, Patrick's Stewart last movie as Professor X - I sincerly think they were made for those parts and no one can replace them. They did a terrific job and will be sorely missed. Just think about it, Hugh Jackman played Logan for almost half of his life (until now), for 17 years! The longest running up to date for any superhero. Kinda makes me feel sad when I think of the possibility of him being replaced, even if in the distant future.

The minus, at least for me: A tiny clip at the end of the movie, where Laura (Logan's daughter) pulled the cross from his grave and twists it into a X. I know this is a symbol of Logan being an X-Men but the Christian in me finds the scene repulsive by the fact that it downgrades a symbol of faith. 

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Wolfie ;) and will be missing terribly Hugh Jackman in his perfectly fitted interpretation of Logan

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