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Friday, 28 April 2017

A 109 Year Old Citizen of Krakow

Dearest hearts,

When I was small I considered people over 30 to be old. Now that I am 30 myself I don't feel like I had any clue over life and how time goes. 30 years seemed a long way to go... but now I look at my Granny, who's over 80 and is such an inspiration for me, for my family and everyone she comes in contact with. She owns a tablet, a smartphone and has her own Facebook account! She's a woman ahead of the time and I surely hope I can grow up to be like her. A little while back I was reading the local newspapers and I bumped into an article about the oldest Cracovian - a lady that is 109 years old! The oldest Cracovian had her birthday in March and her name is Cecylia Roszak. 
Cecylia is a Dominican and lives in the monastery Grodek, in Krakow. During her 88 years with the order she has been a porter, an organist and cantor. Several times she also acted as a supervisor in the monastery. Eight years ago she had a hip and knee surgery but she recovered well very quickly and did not miss any mess, even if stairs were on the way - it seems to me that she did not see any barrier in her way that would have stopped her from meeting God in prayer, and I think that's admirable! Everyone working with her agrees that she has a sound mind and still has the heart of a child - unfortunately though she closed herself out from giving any more interviews. I think she finds them rather tiresome.  
During the German occupation, the sisters of the Dominican order, were hiding Jews - risking their own life in the process. They were also helping the local population, the local community as much as they could. In January 1944, Cecylia took in 2 children whose parents were brutally murdered. One of them was the harpist Adam Kowner. After the Second World War, he searched for the nun that saved him and reached the monastery in Grodek. He managed to find Cecylia and thank her in person. She was decorated by the Israeli government with the famous medal "Righteous among the peoples of the world". Right now, Cecylia Roszak is the oldest nun in Poland, the oldest resident of Malopolska region and the oldest Cracovian living. May God bless her and keep her safe and strong!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves A Good Story About History And Life

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