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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Iasi: La Placinte - traditional Moldavian

Dearest sweethearts,

Romanian people have a lovely saying that goes like "la Placinte inainte, la razboi inapoi" - this would translate word to word as "to baked pie go ahead, to war back down". I always found this saying rather amusing but true; nobody turns down an occasion to eat/drink something good but when hardship settles in everyone runs away for their life. Now, my friends, when I heard first about the "La Placinte" place in Iasi, on the Copou Hill, I had formed an idea about it. I thought it was just another sweets place where one could find baked pies and other goodies. I couldn't be more wrong! 
"La Placinte" is a wonderfully rustic and authentic Moldavian restaurant. It's not only a sweets place, but it's a place where the entire family can be invited and everyone could have a good (if not even great!) time.  I've heard that actually "La Placinte" is a franchise from Moldavia (the country), which is also very attractive.  It's a franchise idea that I would like one day implemented even in Poland! It's a restaurant/place that you can't help falling in love with.
From the outside you would tend to believe the place is smaller but once you cross it's doorstep, "La Placinte" opens up like a flower. There is a short corridor that takes you to the big open space - that is gently separated and places for 2, 4 or even more can be combined. The furniture is all wood - wooden benches and tables. The huge plus for families with kids is the fact that there is quite a big corner specially dedicated for them, with tables and chairs from IKEA and toys. Children can have their own fun time while the adults relax. Totally children friendly ;)
The way that "La Placinte" is setup it's quite cozy and I could say creative in the way that it brings tradition back in fashion. I absolutely loved the light filtering through the handmade covers of the lamps! I loved how colorful and funky everything looked like. I can truly understand why this place is one of my Granny's favorite places to hang out with her friends ;) my Granny has class and style!
Of course on the list of things that we tasted was the homemade mint lemonade, which was done with flat water (but I could have chosen sparkly as well) and honey (not sugar, which would totally be bad for the health!). My awesome better half chose to try out some baked beans with sausage and I went for some chicken rolled in bacon with veggies on the side. Of course we split ;) and I must say everything was delicious - the minus was the size of the portion (I would have liked more bacon wrappings...).
When it comes to the sweets... OMG! Indeed you should go to "La Placinte" for the sweets, rather than for the food! We split between ourselves 3 options and each of them was a delicious caloric bomb! They were fingerliking amazing! Even thinking about them now makes my mouth water... makes me wish I could run now and get me some of those goodies.
We tested out the plums with walnut and sour cream, the dark chocolate cake and the piece of resistance - mini pancakes with sour cherry and whipped cream. My Verdict is: pancakes for 1st place, plums for 2nd and the chocolate cake for 3rd as it was insanely sweet, even with the second lemonade chilling it down. It was indeed dark and sweet and soft but I'm not that much into that type of sweet... The pancakes with sour cherry are named "Caciula lui Guguta" ("Guguta's hat") - just so you know what you should order ;)
The waiters were very polite and the WiFi was decent. The bathrooms clean and well stocked with toilet paper and washing gel. The menus come with pictures so there's no way you can get lost in translation. It's a lovely place to take family out in the weekend but also bring your foreign friends to enjoy a local speciality. My mum tried the pumpkin pie and said it tasted as if it was homemade. I think that is always a nice thing to say about food stores the restaurants, and when it comes to sweets at "La Placinte" is can actually agree with that!
The prices:
- mint lemonade - can't remember the price now but a ginger ale for 550 ml was 12 RON
- bacon wrappings - grilled chicken skewers wrapped in bacon - 200/100/50 gr - 24 RON
- beans with sausage - 500 gr - 22 RON
- Pancakes With sour cherry - "Caciula lui Guguta" - 250 gr - 16 RON
- Dark Chocolate Cake... sorry can't remember the price on this one as well but it can't be more than 15-20 RON I guess...
- Plums with walnut and sour cream - 200 gr - 14 RON

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That...

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