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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Travel Tuesday: Polish Stereotypes

Dear hearts,
Dear travellers of the world,

Welcome to yet another #traveltuesday post from yours truly. It's not a typical post about tips and tricks while travelling, nor a review of a place visited. Lately the travelling I had was mostly inside Poland or Romania so I think it fitting to present you some more information  about my adoptive land, about the land of the proud and brave. That's Poland ;) so... without any further ado, I want to tell you about today of a few Stereotypes when it comes to the inhabitants of this lovely country. Here we are:
1. Polish people are heavy drinkers - true, they love to party and have fun with friends and it's quite often that a regular Jan/Barbara will get to the pub after a hard day a work or even drop by the local Zabka/Lewiathan (local shop) in order to but a beer. They do, although, keep the spirits and behavior under check. They know how to hold their vodka - which is the main drink down here. They have amazing snacks while having a party, like fish or lard on bread, in order for the fat to produce a layer that will help the drinking.
Florianska Street, Krakow, Poland 
2. Polish people love to complain - heck yes! There was even a Facebook page about that: "Poland. Come and complain". They do love to point out the negative issues but I think that's also due to the climate. Have a look at the Greeks with their chilled out attitude or the Spanish and Italian having a siesta under the sun, while having a drink... well Poland does not have that... instead it has cold winters and warm-ish summers. 
3. Polish people don't know languages - well... let's put it like this... elder people know Polish language + Russian or German, depending on the region. Younger people, at least my age, started learning English and Spanish, for example, so it's easier to connect with them. It's true, they love their language and even though most people don't speak it grammatically correct, it's still the one language in Poland that you can truly get things done - especially in the public offices...
Sukiennice, Krakow, Poland 
4. Polish people are more Catholic than the Pope! Well... it's true the country is mainly Catholic and that you can find a church every few metres but that doesn't mean that Polish people follow blindly the Catholic Church. Even the latest manifestation about child abortion prove that - Polish people will always speak up their minds and get involved when an idea moves them or touches them personally.
View over Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland 
5. Poland has very beautiful women - mmm maybe, but also they tend to be very spicy and love to gossip a lot, so you better be careful! On the other hand... have you heard of the beauty and brains of the Romanian women from the Moldavian region? You should check it out ;)
6. Poland loves football - well... Poland loves sports bit I could not say that football is a national sport. Rather ski jumping and handball. It's true that right now Lewandowski is the hottest thing on the market, but he's a drop in the ocean. Either way, Polish people do love sports and they love to exercise. Many people love the mountains and climbing as well. They are quite a fit nation!
Barbican, Krakow, Poland 
7. Poland is a communist country so it's more like 3rd world country, right? - that is also being pointed out when I speak about Romania. There is a similar past between these 2 countries and somehow most of the world thinks these countries don't exist. It's a sad thing to witness, especially that Poland, for example, is the very exact center of Europe.  Is very heart of Europe resides somewhere near Warsaw. If  you have a look over the last 6 years I've lived here I have seen so much change for the better! So many European funds accessed to make the life's of the inhabitants better. As I love to put it, people think in Poland/Romania people live in trees and eat bananas. We never saw a TV. In fact, this is the very first time I "saw" The Internet - isn't it grand?!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Travel

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