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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Travelling With a 4 Months Old

Dearest sweethearts,

After just finishing the other day travelling from Iasi to Krakow via Vienna, I realised how much children change over time - even within a quite short period. I've first travelled with my little LadyBug Baby Girl on the same route but the other way around 4 months ago. She was 4 months and now she turned 8 months just a few days back, but I can see already the changes so... I just wanted to note this down in case my future self would not remember.
The way from Krakow to Iasi could be, probably, a 2 hours flight max. But there is no direct connection and the fastest way to get from A to B is by plane. Usually you take 2 flights (in case you are unlucky and the flight gets cancelled you'll probably have 3 instead). Even one flight with a 4 year old might be an issue but imagine 3! I really don't know how some mothers mange to travel with small ones alone, kudos to them! But I, for one, need assistance.  

This was my little LadyBug Baby Girl first flight(s). I must admit that if my sister wouldn't have made this trip with us I would have totally screwed things up. We had 3 planes and 2 very short connections - running around with a 4 months old and baggage is a challenge, and there will be baggage! No more travelling with empty hands or just a small bag. With small ones there is no such thing as "empty hands". You will have to pack food (unless you are breastfeeding) and toys to keep your bundle happy and entertained.
Travelling is no longer about entertaining yourself but it's about your little one and keeping her/him safe. I was surprised on the thoughts running through my head while taking off. Never once was I scared of flying, never once have I thought of a "what if" negative situation in connection to flying. Once I stepped in the airport, in the plane, negative thoughts assaulted me... to all the mums out there, did this happen to you as well? It's an odd feeling on how ones mentality changes. I was lucky my little one loved flying - no problems while taking off and landing. We thankfully did not have turbulence.

When it comes to eating if drinking in the plane, even though you will have help and that person will be seated next to you... you can try but at your own cost. My daughter, ever since she was born, is quite a curious lady. She needs to see everything, touch everything and eventually bring it to her mouth and drool over it. She wants to taste everything you are eating! So no chance for any snacks as she will make drop everything. 

The best thing is to try to put the small one to sleep. This may work with some tea/warm milk and a known blankie. That's a trick no one told me about but I see it works: children need a safety net, something stable. Usually that something is a person, but combine that with a toy or a piece of clothing and you hit the jackpot. Kids fall asleep easier if they feel comfortable and loved and if they see/smell familiar things. I don't travel away with the small one without tea/milk and her sleeping blankie. Wrapped around her she is in her "safe spot".
Another thing I thoroughly recommend while travelling with your baby, is having dome kind of system to carry without holding them. You need your arms free. If the baby is under 4 months I recommend an elastic wrap, if over 4 months then go for a baby carrier like the one I have from Madame GooGoo Carriers. They are made in Poland, out if cotton, and they stress on the perfect ergonomic structure that keeps the baby safe and comfortable. I must admit the Madame GooGoo Carrier I have was a life savior while travelling, and not just that time! For more on that here are 5 ways in which Madame GooGoo Carrier saved my life.

What about you lovely people? Have you ever travelled with a 4 months old by plane? How did you cope with it? What we're your tips and tricks? Would love to hear from you as parent to parent :)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Her LadyBug Baby Girl  

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