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Monday, 22 May 2017

Famous Polish People: Copernicus

Dearest hearts,

If you would ask everyone whom are the most famous Polish people in the world, you would probably get the answer Marie Curie Sklodowska for the women and Pope John Paul the 2nd for the men. Which is a pity, considering the amount of amazing men and women Poland has in its history. Today I wish to bring to your attention an amazing human being that was Polish and that made a difference to this world: Nicolaus Copernicus.  #didyouknow that in 2010, the Polish astronomer remains were reburied in Frombork Cathedral, Poland, after a 200 year search for his tomb? And that happened on this very same day, 22nd of May 2010. Here are some facts about him, that you may not know:
1) Polish origins linked to metal - copper. Copernicus was born as Nicolaus Koppernigk in the city of Torun, on 19th February 1473. His mother - Barbara - came from a rich family in Torun. Copernicus was named after his father, whose family can be traced to the village Koperniki in Silesia. The name of the village comes from the German term kopper for the metal copper, that was mined there.
2) He started the Scientific Revolution - during his time but also many years after his death, Ptolemy model was the one generally accepted. But Nicolaus's book, even though it was not a bestseller during his lifetime, called "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium" did start a fire... the Copernican Revolution that lasted for a century and a half! His model is regarded as "The launching point of modern astronomy and the Scientific Revolution".
3) As any great mind, he was a multitasker and was accomplished in more than one field of study. His skills were not limited to just astronomy! Copernicus was also a physician, scholar, economist, translator, mathematician, an artist and a diplomat - talk about being an all-in-one embodiment of awesomeness! 
Bonus fact: #didyouknow that Copernicus led the Royal Polish defence forces of Olsztyn and Warmid in the Polish-Teutonic war that went from 1519-1521? He also participated is peace negotiations that ended the conflicts that were started with!

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Polish History and Amazing Polish People that Changed the World

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