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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Impressions Of A Polish Wedding

Dear hearts,

I don't know about you but I always loved weddings. Some of my friends had a dread of going to them but I never had, even when I was alone (not with my awesome Polish husband). I always found weddings to be great fun! For me weddings are a chance for the family, for the friends, to come together and celebrate an act of love. For me weddings are always tied to fun, funny or relaxing moments. Some may say weddings are overrated, but that's not my opinion. Give me a wedding anyday! When I came to Poland, to Krakow, and I began to settle down, I was invited to more and more Polish events, Polish parties - some were weddings. In this way I began to see more the differences but also the things that bring together the 2 cultures: that of Romanian and that of the Polish People. We had 3 wedding parties in 3 consecutive years, so you'll have to trust our expertise on this one ;) As my better half loves to put it, the Romanian weddings are like the banquets at the end of 12th grade/high school. There is a lot of dancing and talking and mingling, the food is elegant, sometimes in large portions bit you can still handle it, and the drinking part is not that hard-core... Romanian people like to sip on their glasses of wine or smooth things over with some gin tonic or whisky. The Polish people have a different behaviour when it comes to weddings... you might remember telling you about this over at the article on How You Can Survive a Polish Wedding.
Inside the Catholic Church in Rzesow, Poland
I still find it wonderful nowdays that people wish to get married, with all the crazy nonsense running about in the world. Polishpeople are quite traditional when it comes to the family setups. I have seen many couples that were together for a while and never talked about marriage until the pregnancy test came back positive - but then everyone knows what the right thing to do is. I've been waiting in line, in Medicover, to see my doctor. In front of me was a pregnant lady who was reading to her  (probably 7 years old) daughter. She met a friend and as she was right next to me it was hard not to hear her out... she was expecting her 4th child - they had 2 boys and a girl and now they were expecting a girl as well. Having a big family is an expected occurance, especially with the new help from the state. Having a family, having a lot of children is also in accordance to the Catholic Church teachings, so having a wedding in front of God, to seal the marriage, is a must. The nice part with the Catholic Church wedding ceremony is that it also counts as a civil wedding, so you have a 2-in-1 package, if you will.
Stepping out of the church, not only as a couple but as a Family! Congrats to the lovely newlyweds ❤
Church Weddings are important especially if the family is more traditional. If you wish to do a proper traditional Polish church wedding, the church must be the one in the parish where the bride was living. The last wedding we have been to, in Rzesow, was absolutely lovely - the church was in the city centre and the inside was a sight for sore eyes. The priest knew the bride and the ceremony was very warm and welcoming. There were many touching moments, especially when the brides sister was singing a psalm - she had a lovely voice that echoed in the church. The tradition is for the Bride and Groom to come out and then rice and coins are thrown, for good luck. The couple must exercise heavily as they must gather all the coins. Also, it's customary in Poland to give the gifts to the newlyweds after the church ceremony - I'm guessing this happens so that all would do so when they are fully sober and can say a proper greeting/wish ;p In Romania the wishes with the gift envelope are given at the end of the wedding party, when the guest is leaving. In Poland, the regards and the gifts are given usually after the church ceremony. A long line of all the guests is being formed and people queue up to hug and kiss and say kind words to the Bride and Groom. It's quite legit and safe to do so as on Polish weddings there is a lot of fun and excitement and drinking involved so maybe one might forget to give the gifts when going away ;)
You might find on your table also the listed menu of the wedding, just so you can be prepared ;)
The party is always great fun and usually you have 2 ways in which it gets arranged: either you leave the tables without any names and you don't make a plan on where sits whom and you leave the guests to pick and choose as they please vs. Setting up a plan of each table and having someone to point them to the right direction or display the scheme on a board, at the entrance to the room. Either way people will mingle! Weddings in Poland are customary with a band - we had a DJ as we could not find a band that we would like, that could sing both Polish and English songs... plus I wanted some Romanian hits here and there... There are dedications throughout the night and the band keeps a lively atmosphere on the dancefloor.  You might see also some games being played - some maybe rather dumb... but it's all in good fun, remember! Plus... after the first half a dozen vodka shots you won't care anymore! And as I said, drinking is customary in weddings - especially shots of vodka. The Father of the Bride will come and check upon the tables if you have enough cold vodka for that ;) it's his duty! But overall, a Polish Wedding is something you shouldn't miss - be it traditional or rather modern. It's always a lot of fun and the people get all warm, friendly and talkative.  If you are invited, make sure you say "I do!" :)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Polish Weddings

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