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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Krakow: Burgertata - Yummy Burger Boxes

Dearest sweethearts,

If ever you are in Krakow and in a mood for hamburgers/burgers, KFC, McDonald's, Burger King or... you name it! Any other place that sells fast food, unoriginal, sometimes tasty bit most of the times just plain boring, warm pieces of meat between two buns and calls them sandwiches... oh well, then you better think again and give Burgertata a chance! You will probably enjoy it, even love It, and you will want to go again - maybe to try even more options from the menu ;) 
Burgertata has currently 2 main locations: a small "restaurant" (don't think big, think out of the box - benches and wooden tables and you don't need to have proper manners... after all, you're eating a burger!) - location: Rondo Grzegorzeckie, as you go to the Galeria Kazimierz & a small... I would call it "shed"... A tiny box of matches place, located on Krupnicza 6. It's enough to fit in a small kitchen/grill for cooking, a counter, a tall fridge for drinks and a small wooden table with 4 stools made out of old crates. If it's not heavy raining you can find just outside a table with two long benches on either side.
Burgertata has also another option available from time to time: a trailer, a van on the go, that they take to Street Food Festivals or to other shows. Burgertata also is available "for rent" for corporate events. They also have, as far as I read - but never tested... - an option to order out! And guess what? They have a moped and a bike available for that! :o Shocker! Imagine how fast they need to pedal :) but it's it for the locals, so you can't have them most probably to... let's say Wieliczka.
Burgertata has 4 out of 5 stars, from 63 reviews, on TripAdvisor and also high ratings on the Facebook pages. It seems clients are satisfied with the products and from what I could gather at first screening, the only problem listed is the attitude of the people serving. Now... I haven't tried the restaurant yet, just the shed... but from how it looks I came in with a rather negative attitude... I know always what I want and I don't feel the need to check and double check menus. When I heard that was a Cheese & Bacon option I knew that I had to go for it. After all, the best vegetable is bacon! ;)
The place as you enter is extremely hot and smelly - in a rather pleasant way of burgers and fries. If you are sensitive about that I suggest you swallow, place the order, wait for it outside and then take it with you and eat it in the park - it's less than 5 minutes away. The place might look a bit shady but don't get scared, I was looking on how burgers are made and they take extra care to clean the grills after each burger - that's also why it may take a while... The team, I could say, lovingly makes the burgers according to the recipe. Make sure you check out the ingredients of the burger you choose, as they come with a specific sauce you can't change - that's my tip for you ;)
Today I'm sharing with you the Cheese & Bacon option, small box - 19 zloty.  You can pay cash or card, so don't worry if you don't have change. The small box comes with a burger made out of 100 grams of meat. The big one would come with 200 grams and would be 25 zloty. The boxes come with a portion of really yummy French fries, that reminded me of the Belgium fries I ate in Brussels. The fries are cut bigger than the regular McD size and they don't seem fatty at all! Not oily, not extra crunchy, but rather soft and nice in the middle. The meat was medium done and the sauce for Cheese & Bacon option is a nice barbecue one.
Did you know that, back at the beginning of Burgertata enterprise, in December 2015, Jim Carrey was filming in Krakow and he actually tried the burgers? He said "I love your burger, it's a piece of art, sir!" - now that's something to be proud of ;) I wonder though what Jamie Oliver would think of them? I rather venture to say he would like them - fresh products, well done meat, yummy natural fries. Don't know about you, but my mouth is watering when I think of it... I really must try them again!

Yours very sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Bacon!

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