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Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Ladybug, Dzien Dobry TVN and Success

Dearest sweethearts,

I can't believe what I'm about to tell you, still I wanted to share this with you. It's been quite a commotion this past month, since we came back to Krakow. It's been a fast paced life and the small one is growing steadily - she's going to be a tough cookie, having a mind of its own ever since she was a wee button, just squeaking... But let me get down to today's news I wanted to share: The Twisted Red LadyBug is getting famous! 
That's right ;) after being covered in an article, a year ago, by the Krakow Business Park Magazine, I was contacted a while back by Dziennik Polski for a short article in their weekend spread. It was an article about expat bloggers writing about Krakow, living in Poland. The article came as a nice surprise and it was about myself and a lively Indian lady - Doreen - who has been living and working in Krakow for more than 5 years now! She's new to blogging but she carved a nice path, having received a lot of support from her Polish boyfriend. 
Not a short while after the article came out I was contacted by a lovely, warm and professional lady working for TVN, that wanted to... Guess what?! Take my interview for the Dzien Dobry TVN programme! I could not believe it - "a small step for man, a huge step for mankind" moment came over me! They wanted to do a proper piece on my and Doreen. They wanted to make a collage: interview me, ask Marek his option on the blog, have a few shots of the little LadyBug Baby Girl... it was serious! 
So, after a live one-to-one with the lady from TVN we prepared a day to get the filming done. The date was settled for Tuesday, 16th of May, early morning, to get the Little LadyBug Baby Girl fresh and willing to cooperate. The filming, the Lights-Camera-Action reminded me of University and the Advertising and Filming classes we had - I had almost forgotten how much I loved all that! Not necessarily being in front of the camera, but finding the right spot, the perfect angle, the good light to setup the scene. It's all connected with the love I have for photography and watching the team in action  made me smile and have this "warm fuzzy feeling" :)
The team doesn't need to be big to work wonders on the screen. All you need is a couple of dedicated professionals that know what they are doing and can be serious when they need to and fun and sparkly when not on set. The team I worked with was just right! High degree of empathy and professionalism and a pleasure to be around with. My small LadyBug Baby Girl took an instant liking to the cameraman - it's more than obvious he is good with children considering he has 3 of his own ;) but I'll add to that my Ladybug's love for cameras - she always had an attraction for them! The team, even when filming at our place, never once felt awkward to be around with and they were very reassuring at every step. 
We first shoot my part of the interview, both in English and in Polish - same questions answered twice. I still don't know this Friday which version will be showing... It's going to be a surprise! Then Marek had his short interview as well, about his "famous blogger wife". The last part that we shoot inside the house was some family time with our little Ladybug Baby Girl. It was hard to act natural considering that the small one had her eyes on the camera and the cameraman 99% of the time! ;)) 
Due to the unpredictable weather in Poland, when we were about to wrap up inside the house and hit the town, it started raining cats and dogs. We were supposed to film some shots in the Old Town, walking in 2, maybe a visit to the church were we got married... well... there is always a backup plan! So that's how I ended up visiting for the first time the inside of the Hippolit Museum - must get there again to do more pictures and ground work for a post ;) But more on the shooting you'll be able to figure out yourself, as next Friday - 2nd of June 2017 - on TVN programme called "Dzien Dobry TVN" you will be able to see it all! 

P.S. Dziennik Polski, the newspaper I appeared in, is quite an old one - dating back to 1945!

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Feels Quite Proud of Her Achievements 

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