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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Travel Tuesday: Travelling With A 8 Months Old

Dearest sweethearts,

Welcome to yet another #traveltuesday Episode :) remember a while back when I was sharing with you a little piece about what it feels like travelling with a 4 months old baby by plane ? Well today I'm back with an update on how a 8 months old baby handles travelling. I'm telling you, it's a whole lot of differences! Let's see the hard facts:
1) For the airlines there is no difference. A baby up to 2 years will not have its own seat. The baby will stay on the parents/guardians lap and be attached to the regular buckle with a baby-buckle. Seating a 4 months old and holding them still is way easier than doing the same with a 8 months old. The older the baby gets the more they move and wriggle and push and... eventually cry and scream. Facing for a long amount if time the forward position, not seeing mum and dad face to face, having to watch the front seat for more than 10 minutes - that might be a challenge for an active baby. Make sure you have something to distract him/her, although I don't quarantee that will work all the time. Most airlines provide a small package for your small one, once you board the plane. The stewardess will give you the "gift" when you board. We had, until now: socks from Lufthansa, a soft touchy feely book from Austrian Airlines and twice we got some cute little finger puppets also from Austrian. 
2) The moods differ - a 4 months old will probably fall asleep easier and sleep most of the flight, helping you relax a bit and thank God for her not screaming throughout the flight; a 8 months old will probably not sleep at all and want to play and even make sweet eyes to your front/back neighbours. That's OK - if they smile back and the small one smiles it's all good.  It would be worse if the small one was start crying... just enjoy her relaxing. A 4 months old sleeps usually longer than a 4 months old and is less active, making them a better companion during long flights. On short flights both cases are totally doable. But if you have 2 or more flights... you're into a few bumps with the 8 months old.  
3) The food - of nom nom time for the small one? Now, it depends on the little one but at 4 months old you give them milk (be it breastfeeding or artificial one); at 8 months old you are supposed to have started the diversification, meaning the small one will eat veggies or fruits or both and will want some. It will also mean more poop and quite smelly one - so pray they don't do it when you're up in the air, as you know how small toilets are! If you're still breastfeeding that means you're lucky and you don't have to take bottles and powder with you everywhere and go searching for boiled water... if not, well... I feel your pain! You will have to go to the stewardess and ask for some.
4) Moving around - baby carriers are a must! Once the baby is around 4 months + and can sit on its tush, you can use a baby carrier like the one I have from Madame GooGoo Carrier. They are amazing for both you and the little one.  I can tell you only of the Madame GooGoo Carriers as I've tried them and it was an instant connection - I've fallen in love with their designs and patterns and service and... should I mention the carriers are #madeinpoland but by European standards? They have a ergonomic structure that keeps the baby safe and sound and you can feel comfortable as well. You can use both hands and there is freedom to run and use stairs in a jiffy, that you could not have by using a pram ;) plus, the small one is always close to you, feeling you and you know she's safe and that's most important!

What about you lovely people? Have you ever travelled with a 8 months old by plane? How did you cope with it? What were your tips and tricks? Would love to hear from you as parent to parent :)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Her LadyBug Baby Girl

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