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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Why You Should Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Dearest sweethearts,

In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite a fan of comic books, Marvel and DC Comics (more if a Marvel fan, though!) and all of that stuff that makes my better half say that I'm a nerd. But hey, I'm fine with my nerdiness, I became comfy cozy with it and in need it keeps me smiling. Unfortunately neither Romania nor Poland is so much into comic books as the USA is, for example, but the market is growing steadily and I see more things happening in this field. Going to a Marvel movie makes me smile the moment I think about it, and the smile broadens as I step out the door and head to the cinema. The Marvel movies are made to be seen on the big screen as they have great action sequences and stunning imagery (with the help of the blue/green screen and the CGI masters from the team). I don't know if you got around to see Guardians of the Galaxy (volume 1) but I should think it would be a must for the people who go to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It prepares you for it and shows the starting of the dynamic between the heroes. That and it's a kick arse movie with an amazing soundtrack! But... let's not get into politics and let's see why I think you should watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2:
1. The 1980s CGI Kurt Russell - oh, that was really well done! And to no surprise you can figure out by yourself *SPOILER ALERT* that he is Peter "Star-lord" Quill's father! What you might not know is that he is a Celestial, a God in full rights, that was able to built from scratch it's own marvelous planet! What will surely make you upset and pissed off Quill... *SPOILER ALERT* is that Kurt Russell's character is a huge arse and he wants to rule the Galaxy. His name is fitting: Ego!
2. Yandu, the Space-Pirate-Scavanger- Unknown Hero. How cool is it to be able to direct arrows just by whistling? Anyway... *SPOILER ALERT* it seems that he did not kidnap Peter just because he was small and could get into places no one could... he did that as he knew what kind of person/Celestial Ego was, and he wanted to save him. Ego was killing all his progeny that did not have the "spark" of Celestial in them. It seems Peter was one in a billion... the only child whom was a... demigod I believe that's the notion. He sacrifices himself for Peter, in the end. That's a beautiful and touching scene and the whole Theater filled with people was sobbing. You would have to be a rock not to shed some tears!
3. Family is the most important thing! Take for example the sisters: Gamora and Nebula - I love every of their scenes and I love the background story. They have been put by their father to always battle each other. Gamora would always win and Nebula had each time - by her father - something extracted and replaced by a robot part in her, so she could be stronger and win. But alas, Gamora always would win. That's how Nebula got a robotic eye, brain, hand... when all she wanted was a sister. They get multiple times when they could finish each other but they don't.  You never kill family, you might harm them by mistake... but they are family nonetheless! They are blood! *SPOILER ALERT* Except when your father is a d**k and wants to destroy the Galaxy and kills your mother - that's when all Hello breaks loose!
4. Sylvester Stallone joining the MCU! I could not have believed it if I would have not seen it with my very eyes. And he fits remarkably well as a Space-Pirate-Scavanger! Of course he is full on "Stallone Mode" and ready to kick arse at every move, but I think he's gonna make a fine addition to the Marvel Universe and as far as I've read, this is not a one time thing, and I'm thrilled!!!
5. Stan Lee cameos and end scene - it's a must in any Marvel movie, and he never disappoints. In this cameo I believe he is referring to Captain America's FEDEX delivery to Tony "Stank" ;)))
6. No unnecessary sexual scenes or gratuitous nudity. Of course Drax is technically naked, but that's not done in a sexual kind of way; sure we can see Chris Pratt taking off his shirt for a minute or two, but it's kinda done in a rather natural way. Even when Ego presents how he has inseminated Peter's mum & several other female alien entities, all is done quietly under a veil. Even the one "penis" joke is rather... not in your face! Plus even if there is an "unspoken thing" between Peter and Gamora, there is not one kiss happening - but I do love that dancing scene ;)
7. Not one, not two... but 5 end credit scenes! As a true Marvel fan, I had to sit tight on the seat until the black screen appeared. Throughout the end credit there were 5 scenes - my personal favourite is the one with teenager Groot. Sure, I'll miss cute baby Groot, but no baby stays baby forever. They eventually grow and "fly away" from the nest. I'm looking forward to full power Groot in the next... Avenger movie? :) 

P.S. Currently waiting game for Wonder Woman to hit the big screen. Now I know this sounds feminist but I want more of that! And a couple of Black Widow standalone movies ;) 

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Marvel

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