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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Krakow Events In June

Dearest sweethearts,

If you've never been to Krakow, now it's a good time to think about it. I know it's not a typical location for a summer vacation, but if you love the hustle of events and festivals and being online 24/7, then you should visit Krakow during the month of June! June is always a record breaking month for Krakow when it comes to special events and festivals, this year expect nothing less ;) As usual, in the beginning of June (the very first weekend) there is the Grand Dragon Parade - a row of handmade dragons, by kindergardens, schools and other associations paraded through the Old Town. It's a sight that children (and not only!) love. I think it brings the children out of all of us to see a huge dragon floating above your head... sometimes they are so intricately made that they even breathe out real fire! But why a dragon, you might ask! If you have never been to Krakow then you might not know that the Dragon is one of the cities symbols and that there is a legend connected to that. Besides the Dragon Parade, a bit later on in June, also during the weekend, there will be the Parade of Dachshunds. This is a funny parade to watch, as Dachshund owners dress them up - they compete for the title of King and Queen of Dachshunds! So prepare yourself to see tiny little sausage friends dressed up in fancy wardrobes - take a camera with you to make sure you catch them all.
June is a very important month for Krakow due to the June Holiday of the City of Krakow. The beginning of June is the official birthday of the Royal city and you can't get bored during this time! There are up to 2 whole weeks filled with concerts, picnics, plays and ballet performances, along with medieval celebrations that keep you on your toes! Take for example the first day of summer - that has always been celebrated as the famous "Wianki" (Flower Crowns). The Wianki main events usually take place at the Czerwienski Boulevard - near the Wawel Castle, by the Vistula River. This is a pagan tradition that sustains unmarried women must wear are the on their heads on that specific night.
After dusk, the ladies should take their crowns off and let them float away on the river - in this case, in Krakow, on the Vistula River. There is usually great concerts throughout the city and a great fireworks display at the foot of the Wawel Castle Hill. Of course there will also be fairs in the Main Market Square, the small square behind Mariacki (St. Mary's Church) and along the foot of the Wawel Hill. You will be able to watch reenactments of old traditions. The people of Krakow, as Poles in general, are very attached to their customs. #didyouknow that its oldest Archmen Fraternity (Bractwo Kurkowe) started in 1257 and it's still running strong? They select their own king each year in a festivity held in the Main Market Square.
For all you foodies out there, put this month to your calendar as in the Wolnica Square, in Kazimierz, around the middle of the month, there is a Bread Festival! It lasts for 2 days and you can taste some seriously yummy bread from different kind of seeds - all natural and not genetically modified ;) Try the polish specialty of bread with lard (smalec) and have a shot of vodka to top it up!
Also this year, between June 16th and 30th of 2017, there will be UEFA European U-21 Championship. The Cracovia Stadium has the honour to host the semi-finals and the big final as well! Obviously the city will get crowded and people all over the world will come to see the match... As usual the streets will be flooded with people, but if you love crowded places, things happening everywhere all the time, joyful people smiling at every corner, decent weather with sunshine but cold summer winds, if you want fun time and concerts and ladies with flower in their hair, bringing a flower power vibe... well... Krakow is the place for you this June and every other June of any other year! If you plan to come, please feel free to ask away any questions you might have - I'll be glad to help you get to know Krakow more ;)

Yours very much sincerly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Krakow

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