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Monday, 19 June 2017

Rzeszow: Niebieskie Migdaly

Dearest sweethearts,

Rzeszow has been always a welcoming city for almost 700 years (roughly!). It's oldest written records go back to the year of 1354, when the medieval city Resovia was granted civic rights. It's a very nice place for a day trip from Krakow, loads of places to visit (including a castle nearby) and homely hangout places with chilling atmosphere (where you can hang out the whole day). We went to Rzeszow for a wedding but we could not skip a short trip to the centre, a few min walk from the train station. On their main road called ul. Maja (the street is called May, as the month!) there is a cute little place called Niebieskie Migdaly - and we went there with some dear friends. They were just redoing the pavement of the street (I believe it's a closed one, for pedestrians, by the looks of it - like Florianska in Krakow). 
Apparently there are 3 Niebieskie Migdaly places in Rzeszow, inside the main square / old town, all within maximum 5 min of each other. The smallest one is an icecream stand and the biggest one is this particular one on Maja. It kind of got me thinking of the Niebieskie Migdaly in Krakow, one of my favourite places in the Old Town. I thought it was maybe a franchise but the social media on both sides don't match and I could not reach them, until the time of the article, to get a statement on that. But as the social media, the interior and the menu does not match the Krakow one, although the spirit of the place seems to be the same.
Niebieskie Migdaly means, in Polish language, Blue Almonds. The name is from the plural saying in Polish language "Do you think about Blue Almonds?" - which sounds funny when you translate it word by word... but it me and that you are a dreamer... Niebieskie Migdaly in Rzeszow is a nice place to chill out with friends and according to the TripAdvisor reviews it's a place frequented and liked also by foreigners, having a 4+ (out of 5 stars) rating. People seem to be happy here with the food and drinks but rather disappointed with the serving - and I can wholeheartedly agree with that. The waiting time is just... too much! (For the drinks, sweets, Bill...).
I found it rather odd, if not unpleasant (as I love hydrating before and during eating) that the lady brought me first my creme brulee and only around 15-20 min later the mint lemonade I had ordered. I understand that the creme brulee was already made and was waiting nicely in the cold-window but still... Anyway... The lemonade was refreshing and very good, the creme brulee was decent and Marek's icecream looked heavenly and he was very satisfied. Another minus may be that it's quite a big place, several sitting opportunities, yet there is only one toilet per each (women/men). It looks very nice inside and there is plenty of space, but queues tend to form...
* Creme brulee - 11 zloty
* Lemonade - lemoniada mietowo-cytrynowa - with mint and lemon - 9 zloty
* Waffles - between 6 and 11 zloty, depending on the ingredients
* Pancakes - between 10 and 15 zloty, depending on the ingredients 

Yours very much sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Travelling & Discovering New Places

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