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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Krakow: MilkBar Tomasza - a "must eat" place in the Old Town

Dearest sweethearts,

One of the best things in Poland are the "bar mleczny" (Polish for "milk bar"). You can find them in every city, every neighbourhood. They come in all shapes and sizes and some of them have different twists - the regular "bar mleczny" is a typical Polish communistic location to eat out with few money. Don't think you'll get something special! You have traditional dishes, served hot, in a canteen like environment. Most of the "bar mleczny" are push-the-tray style but some do also provide a waiter option - must frequent though are the ones where you order, take a number and wait to be called. The food is done in large quantities and sometimes you can get really lucky with finding a really good MilkBar.
MilkBar Tomasza (located on ulica Tomasza in Krakow) is quite a one of a kind "bar mleczny". It's a definite upgrade from the communistic type of MilkBars. It raises the bar so high that no other "bar mleczny" in Krakow can come even close to it! It's owner, an Irishman living in Krakow for quite a while now, manage to blend in his culture with the blood of Poland and created quite a magical place: MilkBar Tomasza, where you can listen amazingly good music like U2, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and so on... On my first visit to MilkBar Tomasza I had a full hour of U2 (eating an Irish breakfast while listening to "The sweetest thing") and on my recent "trip" I had the pleasure of getting in tune with Annie.
The MilkBar Tomasza has a very clean and open and friendly environment. The seating options vary from table for 2 to benches and corner tables that allow more people to join in the fun. It's always very crowded with both foreigner and locals alike, even though it's in the Old Town but off the beaten track. The owner is also a cool here and he runs a tight an merry ship. You don't have any of the older generation ladies with a sour face, serving you like you are a bum smelling of piss... you DO have young students, fluent in English, that are more than glad to take your order and help you out in case you are not decided. It's not your average "bar mleczny" - MilkBar Tomasza should be crowned king of the MilkBars in Krakow (at least!)
There is plenty of natural light coming from the tall windows - there is a full wall of them, that also allows you to have a look on the street, watch the passer-by running from the rain, or simply enjoy the light while reading a book. The serving is fast and while you wait for your hot dish you can enjoy the Irish / British artists playing over the speakers.  Of course the Irish breakfast is a must, but if you are not a fan (are you an alien?! How can you not like that?!) You can't go wrong with the "daily special" (daily menu) - costs around 19 zloty and it has a soup and a hot meal/entree. You usually have at least 2-3 options to choose from - make sure to give a look at the chalkboard menu, it gets updated fast and you can always ask for more details. They even bring you the hot meal to the place you are seated!
The prices:
*Menu of the day = soup and hot dish = 19 zloty (no drinks included in the price, that's something extra you need to figure on your own). 
I chose, as it was a really warm day, a "cold soup" made with yogurt and apple and cinnamon - PL: chlodnik jablkowy z cynamonem. The hot dish I choose was chicken breast breaded with tzatzki sauce (typical Greek sauce, made out of yogurt and cucumber) with baby potatoes (with butter and herbs on top) and side salads - that was absolutely glorious and even now, as I think of It, my mouth waters... If ever in Krakow, in the Old Town, you are hungry as a wild wild and you want something good, fast, with a really unbeatable price, in a chilling environment, Milkbar Tomasza is your place ;) feels like home away from home, especially for the Brits in Krakow! 

Yours very sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Great Eat-out Places

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