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Monday, 31 July 2017

Krakow: Nowy Plac Nowy

Dearest hearts,

If ever you visited Krakow and to be more specific, the Kazimierz district (also known as the Jewish Quarter/District), then you must have also visited one of the most famous places in this city: Plac Nowy (pl. for New Square). Plac Nowy is the heart of Kazimierz, it's very own "Ground Zero". The rotunda that can be found in the middle of the square, was used in the 1900s as a slaughterhouse (for the poultry used in the Jewish rituals) until the German occupation. Right now it's the "go to" place in terms of "fast food" good for parties. The rotunda now hosts several "zapiekanki" places - here you can buy the best zapiekanka in town! If you don't know what that is, you have no idea what you're missing!
The zapiekanka is a kind of Polish designed pizza. You basically take a flat loaf of bread, cut it in half horizontally, add different ingredients and topics and... voila! The best food for before-during-after party. High on calories and usually fatty, it's a perfect choice in case you want to have a night out where there is plenty of vodka planned. I usually like the"highlander" style, with kielbasa (sausage) and oscypek (highlander smoked cheese). In the weekend the Plac Nowy always hosts a flea market and also the local handmade producers come and display their goods. Plac Nowy is a must see place!
Recently a new idea of a project is taking place on Plac Nowy and ulica Estera - between the 15th of July and 6th of August, the location mention has a "new face". The traffic of cars is prohibited and only pedestrians and cyclists can use that area freely. The streets have been temporarily painted green (quite an odd and unnatural shade, if you ask me...), small trees in pots have been randomly placed about and huge orange blocks were placed for sitting/recreational purposes. Depending on the public opinion the project can be terminated or it can move on and be implemented permanently, including with the changes requested by the people who give feedback.
I believe it's a wonderful idea to give more places like this in big cities. It's a "breathing space" that is truly needed, in a city where the quality of air is an issue. It would be lovely if the project would be approved and in time there would be, instead of the green painted road, patches of real green grass and maybe some linden trees or chestnuts to provide real shade (instead of the small and skinny little things in pots). It's a great idea that has been talked about in cities like Barcelona and New York - having squares of only pedestrian and cyclists use of territory. The only issue that I raise is how will the traffic flow be redirected?! Anyway... if you have the time, do check out their #nowyplacnowy Facebook page ;) you can also discuss further ideas on the 3rd of August, at the Engineering Museum.

Engineering Museum (Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej), sw. Wawrzyńca 1527th July & 3rd August 
5pm – 8pm
If you cannot make it to the consultations and want to have your say,  you can email:-

Yours very much sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves The Idea #NowyPlacNowy