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Thursday, 13 July 2017

SAAL Photobooks - true beauty coming to life

Dearest sweethearts,

I'm a huge fan of photos - be it taking photos, watching photos and even sometimes having pictures taken of myself by photographers of my choosing, photographers I learned to trust, photographers I can call friends. I do take unlimited amounts of photos, that's true, but I also think I am one of the few that still prints then out on a regularly basis. Watching photos on a screen is not as personal as having the photo in your own hands, enjoying it's colours and contrasts. I print also because it's easier to take a photo album from the shelve than searching through folders on the laptop. Some might call it waste of paper, waste of money but I call myself old-fashioned and still prefer the proper prints. 
The freshly received package with the photobook
One day, while I was browsing on Facebook, I bumped into SAAL Digital page that advertised an opportunity for Polish bloggers / bloggers living in Poland. It was about testing the SAAL Photobook - the blogger would received a code valued at 200 zloty and they would be able to pick and choose the number of pages, style, format and if it would be over the value the bloggers would pay the rest. All for reviewing the SAAL Photobook. Count me in! I quickly filled out the online form and waited to see if I was lucky - and I Was! I was so happy to get to try It! The code came via the email I had filled out the form in - all communication was done in Polish language but it's quite intuitive and if you're stuck, use Google translate! ;)
The email received from the team stated I had a certain code worth 200 zloty and as soon as I would have the review I should forward it to the team. To be noted that if you win the Photobook you need to use the coupon, you can't have the money, and there is a deadline as well for doing the selection and using the coupon - 14 days since you receive the email. The email comes with a direct link where you can download the SAAL Digital app, in order to start creating the Photobook. Fear not if you are a Mac user, there is an app for you as well ;) or if you prefer to use another app or Photoshop, you can get in contact with the SAAL Digital team and they can work something out. 
I am a Windows user and I selected the app download. It was fast and in no time I was able to start designing it. The huge minus of the app is the fact that it is Polish language only. Fear Not! If ever you used an app for creating Photobooks it's very intuitive and easy to use. You'll have to select what type of Photobook you want to design, the format - be it landscape or vertical or square format (maybe for the Instagram fans out there...), the type of page (I usually prefer my photos to be printed "matte" option rather than the "glossy" one). You can also choose if you want a richer, fuller cover and if you wish to give it as a gift you can choose a wrapping option. Also you get to select if you want the company logo to appear at the end - it's so small it did not bother me so I left it there. 
Once you have the format selected you can add the pictures you have from your hard drive and start collating the pictures. I had selected the option for 32 pages at the price of 193 zloty, vertical format of 21×28. I used the "Allrounder szablon" as it had a nice black-white classic feel about it. From there on its quite easy - you can drag and drop the pics you took from your pc into the app and place them in the location on the page appropriate to your wish. I had more unregular shaped photos - from my phone camera - and I found it easier to delete the shape prefigured for the photos and drag and drop it myself there and just adjust it by using the corners of the photo. You can also enrich your Photobook with clipart (Kliparty) - both colourful and neutral shapes and objects (for example baby carriages, Christmas trees, flowers and babies). 
Once you are done, click on the Shopping cart (Dodaj do kosza) and finalise the transaction. You need to put in your name, address, postal code, phone number and email address so you can be contacted for the pickup. The company uses a very reliable transport agency - DHL - and they are always on time, with the right package, in perfect shape. Standard fee for the transport, in Poland, in 20 zloty; bringing us to 213 zloty total. Once you pay for the product, an automatic email comes to the email address you have given and notifies you over the transaction. It so gives you a tracking number and a tracking page for SAAL Digital Polska packages. DHL will also contact you, the day after, by text on your phone and by email, giving you a tracking ID and an approximate time of arrival. Mine came in 2 working days and it was picture perfect! 
I really and wholeheartedly recommend this product! It's very well known amongst photographers and they usually use it in order to show off their portfolio. It's also used for photo sessions for weddings - the finishing touches of the Photobook are so delicate and soft yet durable, that for sure they are able to withstand ages. It's not the regular Photobook you can do anywhere! Oh, no! It truly pays off the money you invest in it. The pages are safe and you can't get a papercut as they are thick and sturdy. It's also a perfect idea of a gift! Memories are made to be shared and remembered - not to be kept on a hard drive... getting dust to settle on it. Now go get your groove on, select a couple of the dearest pictures you have and head over to your laptop on the SAAL Digital Polska page and check out their offers!
Picture perfect moments -inside photos taken by Bellove
The perfect gift for the ones you love!
Yours very much sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Photography