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Friday, 28 July 2017

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Dearest sweethearts,

#didyouknow that this very day, in 1951, Walt Disney's animated musical film "Alice in Wonderland" was released? 
The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland
Now "Alice in Wonderland" is a truly remarkable and psychedelic story... one that makes you think, at older age, if Lewis Carroll hadn't been smoking something funny or ate to many brownies... Regardless of that, I remember being small and watching the magical, marvellous places Alice went through; not once have I ever questioned her sanity! But then again, that's how children are: they don't question, they believe in magic and impossible things. They think of even as much as "six impossible things before breakfast"! What do we, older and more responsible human beings think of before breakfast?! Oh... I know, we think of the inevitable chores of the day, our course of action, the bills we must pay, the children we need to feed... you know where I'm getting with this, don't you?! We stop being kids and stop being fun. We stop thinking of the impossible and we ground yourself to reason and what is expected of us. 
What I do find fascinating (be prepared, this is another #didyouknow moment) is that the writer of Alice was a lecturer in mathematics! So he did have a real, grounded, down to earth job that required his full attention. He was "programmed" in a 1+1=2 kind of thinking, but as well as you can see, he was quite out of the ordinary - thinking outside of the box. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Lewis Carroll was just a pseudonym under which the books were published. He also liked constructing new words, some by combination or others... Just out of the blue! In 1898, when he died, it became the best received children's book in the UK; a great defeat of the critics that bashes it when it first came to print! This just goes to show you must have patience and believe in what you have worked. Translated in over 176 languages and never out of print, it's normal that Disney W. wanted it as one of his classics. Walt dreamt about making a movie about Alice in Wonderland for 30 years! (Talk about commitment!) And I think we can all agree, on behalf of our childhood, that he did a wonderful thing for all of us. 

Now, as it's near breakfast time, let us all strive to think of six impossible things before breakfast :) be a child again and dream wildly!

Yours very sincerly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Disney