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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Polish Kamasutra Master

Dearest hearts,

Did you know that Poland can boast (if they are not too shy on the topic) of being the first country in the world that had a licensed sexologist? His name was Kazimierz Imielinski. He was the very first leader of the "school of sexology" (How odd is to have a school for that!). The schools was very active in the 1960-1980s when the team created original scientific concepts for people's sexual life. They have also educated thousands of patients and millions of readers (of course there are more readers! People consider this topic tabu!). It's a interesting thing that Kazimierz and his team managed that, considering that in Poland (As well in my homeland, in Romania) people would not talk about "those things".
Even though with the installation of the communists thing became even more Tabu than tabu... The demand for advice on this topic was high. The book by Michalina Wiślocka is one of the biggest bestsellers in Polish literary history. She wrote in her diary in 1964: "I don't give a shit about a PhD that will oh give me a title on my grave". She wanted to break the rules, break the mould, help people who needed guidance. It took her over 10 years to publish the book - after it spent several years in the censorship office. The title of the book, translated, is "On The Art of Loving" - it sold over 7 million copies! (Allegedly!). There was no method back then to track them out but it is a we'll know fact that they were copied, home printed and shared in any way possible. It was a hot topic! Reportedly every household had a copy ;)
Due to the fact that the publishing process took so long due to the censorship, anything sexual was a NO! and this book was considered a sex manual. The official date it was publish and listed was in 1976, but the book On The Art of Loving was already sold in the black market. There is even a legend connected to that... It's being said that the very first copy done was made by one of censors wife's who stole the manuscript. The story of Michalina Wiślocka and getting her book published came on the big screen this year - "The Art of Love: The Story of Michalina Wiślocka".
Michalina Anna Wiślocka was born on this very same day, 1st of July 1921 - she passed away in February 2005. She was a Polish gynecologist, sexologist and writer. She wrote "Sztuka kochania" ("On The Art of Loving"; English editions come under the name "A practical guide to marital bliss"), the first guide to sexual life in the communist countries! But that's not all... She also was a co-founder of the Society of Sensible Maternity - she worked there on fertility treatment and birth control. I don't know about You, if YOU ever experienced communist times, but it takes a lot of guts and courage to pull out something like this. It's ground-breaking in its own way, and maybe not everyone knows Michalina's story but I'm sure gynecologist and specialists in the domain understand what she brought, with her work. I did not know about her until recently and I believe it's wonderful, for her time, to be a woman and accomplish that. I believe she is a #famouspolish lady, an example of confidence in a way... and an adept of naturalism. She said there is no need for a trip around the world or diamonds to make a lady feel nice - take her out for dinner and maybe a movie, bring her flowers.  It's all in the little things that show love. Show love to your better half. Show it everyday in the little things!

Yours very very very sincerly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Her Better Half Everyday - Forever!

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