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Friday, 7 July 2017

Things I Am Thankful For - June 2017

Dearest sweethearts,

If you've been reading my blog this year you must have noticed the challenge I have proposed for this year. It's hard sometimes to see the bright side of life. Even when looking at a glass of water we tend to see the empty half, nor the part filled with water. In fact, all that is relatively as the glass is never empty - the other half is filled with air! So what I proposed was that at the beginning of each month we should think of the things we are thankful for.  It might be hard at first but you'll get better as time passes. Train yourself to see the beauty in the little things in life. Start with 5 things/Moments and work up from there ;) Here's my take until now for the month of January, FebruaryMarchApril and May. For June am thankful for many things, but here are 5 picks:
Picture taken by Bellove
1) My very own Wonder Women - I am blessed to have a wonderful and supporting family. Every decision I made in my life was backed up by my parents, my grandparents and my husband. Even when I was not sure myself then would encourage me. I grew up with amazing women around me - my Granny is a #wonderwoman in full rights, mum is a great lady filled with love and soul and my sister is a kick arse kitten that I am always very proud of. They are the brains, heart and soul. Now I have a tiny warrior in the making, my little Ladybug Baby Girl.
One of the first Ladybug Baby Girl photos, taken by Bellove
2) My very own amazing photographer - that I am proud to call my friend - Iza from Bellove is based in Krakow, and if you ever need a great photographer for yourself or for your family Photo shoots, I really recommend her. She is great with kids, she works lovely with natural light, managed to make you comfortable even though you might have just met her a second ago. In June we had a "4 Generations" photo shoot - me, my little lady, mum and granny. I had to translate to mum and granny as they don't speak neither English or Polish, but they absolutely loved her and loved her work - once we received the photos.
3) 6 years in Poland! That's unbelievable how time flies... it still feels like yesterday I moved to Krakow, rented my own room, took the jump of my life and... in a blink of an eye everything went FFW and here I am, settled down, married with a little Ladybug Baby Girl almost 1 year old! I have learned so much being an expat, I have learned to love and how to forgive and I've also learned that regrets don't help you and that you can only help someone if they truly let you. I have learned to value the small but important things. 6 years can teach you a lot! ;)
4) Interviewed by The Northern Irishman in Poland - he started in June a new series called "Why do we love Poland?" and I was the lucky lady who gave the first interview. He is also an expat like myself, he lives in Poland (as his blog title also points out) and he is an editor for Hello Poland (Facebook page) as well. It's lovely connecting with expats all over Poland, who share the same love for this amazing country.
5) The Dzien Dobry TVN Interview got broadcasted - you can see it in the link attached, the second video. It's in polish language but that shouldn't stop you :p both me and Doreen (the lovely Indian lady who is a blogger living in Krakow as well!) loved doing this interview and it came as a very pleasant surprise for us. First being featured in the regional newspaper and then on the national TV... we enjoyed it immensely! Hope to do that again one day ;)

Yours very much sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Wants To Be Thankful For All The Lovely Things Life Brings Us

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