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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Travel Tuesday: 10 Things I've Learned While Travelling

Dearest friends,
Dearest travellers of the world,

There is absolutely nothing that truly enrichens us more than travelling. You can go to dozen of Universities, have the most advanced teachers and technology, but if you live daily in your box and never go outside of it, your soul will wither and die. We are like plants, we need the fresh air, the sun, we need to feel the breeze and we need to communicate with others. No plant is able to stand on its own, without the help of other elements. We are made this way, to have out heart and soul yearn for more and to want to know more of life. The moment that you will start travelling, that is the moment when you will start thrusting for more. You will want to see more, to understand more, to find patterns and know people. Travelling might be a subterfuge for some, a burden for others, a "must do" for some - but it will eventually creep upon you and you will love it! There are dozen upon dozen of things you will learn through travelling. For today's #traveltuesday I want to share with you 10 Things I've Learned While Travelling:
Old Town, Krakow, Poland
1. You will leave your comfort zone - travelling means leaving your box, leaving home and all the know places and facing the unknown of a new land. There are thousand of variables! There are do many things that could go wrong... but stay calm, it's never as dark as before dawn ;)
2. You will learn to trust yourself more - especially if you're hard-core enough to have a solo trip. I, for one, adore the single trips - they provide you with the opportunity to test your limits and learn more about yourself. The only minus is that you'll end up taking selfies as nobody can take a picture exactly as you think of it - but a tripod!
The "zubr" (bison) reservation in Pszczyna, Poland
3. You will learn to talk to strangers - even now days when we have all these gadgets and apps, things may go south and you might get lost and need some instructions. Ta daaam! Meet the locals: they don't bite and they might be very friendly. You can talk to strangers and even though you may be shy, it's not like you're likely to bump into them again, right?!
4. You can perfect a language you've learned in school - remember those 2 years of Italian at the Uni? Well you'll be surprised if during a trip to Italy you might find yourself understanding and even remembering some words so you could speak back ;) thank God, he gave us long term memory and the capacity to remember and make connections!
Palace of culture, Iasi, Romania
5. You will learn to be more curious - it's hard not to be curious in a foreign country/city. There are so many things to see, to do, to discover and be surprised about. Try to see the world through the eyes of a child; ever surprising, ever new, fresh!
6. You will learn how to manage your time and resources - you will understand that going 2 hours before the flight to the airport is a good thing, you will learn that shopping sprees are usually better to be left for the last day (after you checked every shop out), you will fully understand why you should budget ;) and think of the things you truly need, not want.
Auschwitz, Poland 
7. You will learn to understand, appreciate and find connections with other cultures - in the end, we are all the same, we share the same family tree, going down to the roots. You will see that Balkans have similarities in the way they eat-drink- be merry and this goes the same in the Baltic countries. At a certain moment you will stop being surprised of the connections ;)
8. You will start thinking in terms of minimalism - you will understand that you don't need 10 dresses, 5 pants, 3 skirts and a multiple array of blouses for a weekend stay. You won't need to think of "just in case I'm in a mood", you will start to think logical and see you can live out of a single small backpack for even a week!
Polish countryside - Malopolska region
9. You will (maybe) start to understand the "Big Picture" of life, and how we are all connected. Our life's are intertwined with each other and every decision that we make affects the others as well. If someone litters on the street more will follow, but if you go down and pick it up and set an example maybe more will do the same as you did and maybe others will feel ashamed of throwing things anymore. Everything we do affects the planet!
10. You will find that travelling can be addictive - once you will start visiting other countries, other places, you will yearn for more. You will catch yourself thinking of other places to visit and how you can book a flight and raise money for the stay. AirBNB will be your best friend and Miles & More will be a must!

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves To Travel