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Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Letter To My Daughter

Dearest sweethearts,

This one is for That Special Lady in my life that is turning 1 year old today, this one is for my little Ladybug Baby Girl, this one is for you - Emilia Elena 🐞
The Ladybug Baby Girl's first photo shoot - pics by Bellove
My dear heart,

I can hardly believe how time flies... when I was a wee lass, a bit older than yourself, I could not believe how long a day was and how many things I could do, how hard it was for the weekend to come; yet now, being with you, I can't believe how fast it is here.  It's true, the first 4 months were a struggle sometimes and I wondered when you would do all the miraculous things that toddlers do... yet, here we are! Time keeps being stubborn and pressing the "Fast Forward" button. It was a year ago, thought it feels not that long ago, that Daddy came to the hospital with me, in the middle of the night, so we could hold you in our arms. You, on the other hand, were not that sure that you want to come out to the light just yet... so we ended up waiting for you another 17 hours! Daddy was brave and he was there for us, every moment, close to us; and how happy he was when he first saw you! You are our princess, our greatest joy, you made our family whole. You are a Lioness and a strong character, and we have learned many things together this year:
  • You learned slowly but surely that night time is for sleeping, even though at first you would wake up every other hour, now you manage to sleep the full night just waking up once for some milk. I've learned how to sleepwalk while doing the house chores and the midnight milk. Daddy even learned how to sleep with his eyes open, I'm afraid we can't beat Daddy on this one ;))))
  • You've learned that crying can get you many things, yet I am proud that you don't overuse now. I've learned to cry with you, and Daddy found us together once both crying our eyes out - you because you had tummy aches and I because the whole day you had them I could not make it better. 
  • You've learned mommy's smell and heartbeat and touch by heart & I've searched for a way I could keep you longer next to me. Thank God the elastic wrap and the baby carriers were invented! You loved the wrap, it hold you tight to me and I could rock you to sleep and carry you everywhere!
  • You've travelled by plane first time when you were almost 4 months old - with me and your Auntie Miau. You were a cutie pie and you handled 2 out of the 3 flights very well, the last one you were a bit restless... but no fault of your own! You took the travel way better than me... I would like to say that I have learned to have patience but I still need to work on that... yet I have learned how to pack for a 4 months stay in one big luggage - less than a quarter was my space, the rest was yours... of course ;)
  • You've learned how to eat different things then milk. I've learned the nutritional value and all the tables and graphs on how a baby should start diversification and when. I've learned how to give food without sugar, spices, salt and pepper. I've learned how to read even more carefully the labels on products.
  • You've started choosing what you like to wear. If i show you clothes you pick and choose what you like. I've learned to check what fabric they are made, if they can be "tumble dried" and what to do so they won't shrink. Cotton is always a good choice! 
  • You love to walk and crawl barefoot. It's well known that it's good for children to feel different textures with both hands and feet. You love pulling your socks out, that's why we call you "Skarpetunia" (from "skarpetki", socks in Polish). I've learned what are the best model of socks that can hold the longest to your adorable feet.
  • You love to crawl - when we put lay you down you instantly zoom away. You're like Flash! One second you're next to me, the other you are in the other room... in the blink of the eye! You are a strong willed person, with a purpose and a way to get what you want. I can see you working your charm as you get older. I've learned that I have a young lady that is willing to knock down a wall if it gets in her way. 
  • You have great taste in music - when you were a wee bud, up to the 4th month, you would listen mostly Frank Sinatra (he was your absolute favourite and your fav song was "Fly me to the moon"). Now you've taken a liking to children's songs as well. Both myself and granny and Grand-granny know those songs by heart now.
  • You love to go out with us, to the icecream parlour or the Bubble Tea place and even frozen yoghurt is on your list. You love shops and when we get to the children's store you like to pick your own toys - if possible the ones that rattle the most. I know that you'll love going out shopping with Auntie Miau, she's gonna probably be the one who will teach you about make-up and nail polish... I've yet failed to see their points - I prefer to be the way I am... I sometimes think you might turn up to be the same :)
  • I'm proud to say you love books as well, both myself and Daddy love books as well. I've bought you books ever since you were in the tummy and read them to you. I've left dedications on some of them - just a month or so ago Daddy found them out ;))) it's a surprise! Now you love books with sounds. You don't put them in your mouth as often, and that makes me happy :)
  • You have 8 baby teeth and growing the next ones. You had your first when you were nearly 4 months. You learned to chew things on your own and I love how you hold your biscuit and take bites out of it. You sometimes get a bigger bite and you end up stuffing it to your cute mouth with all your hand and the elbow as well! ;))) I've learned that growing teeth is genetically relayed - if parents had them when they were 4-5 months, the baby will have the same. 
  • You learned how to play peek-a-boo. You love it when we hide and then appear "out of nowhere" and say "cu-cu"/"akoo-koo". You giggle and if we do it fast and we also run around the glass wall in the kitchen after Daddy, you start laughing. You have the most beautiful and soulful laugh in the world! You laugh and the she world smiles with you. You do things from your heart and you taught us to smile with all our heart. 
You've taught us so many things and we are still learning, everyday. You've changed our life completely, you've turned it topsy turvy and my brain can't seem to get right back on track... instead it went to a different line. One that's more connected to the piece of my heart that you and Daddy own. At times it's tough but now days I don't complain. I have so much help from granny and Grand-granny that everything feels just right. They love you immensely and Grand-granny is indeed your best friend. You have a way with each other that makes my heart skip a beat each time I see you together. Oh, how I wish you will remember all the fun you have together!
Emilia Elena's  baptism, July 2017, picture taken by Bellove
You teach us daily how to look life through the eyes of a baby. You seem to think dogs are the funniest things ever, the balls are great (unstoppable) fun, the pigeons are your friends and you feed and talk to them, the strangers on the street are not strange and you smile to them and coo their way, to the planes you smile... maybe you remember them, who knows?! You are part of a multicultural family, you hear English and Polish and Romanian on a daily basis; I know it will take a while until you will say something more than "Mama" but we are patient! We await for your stories and wishes and commands. We await for your mixed up talking and for the shouting. We await for you - Always! We love you and we wish you a very happy glorious sunshined birthday, and may many more years come our way, together as we are now. May God bless you - may we be a blessing for you as you are our blessing! 

Yours with all my heart,
Your Ladybug Mum That Loves You To The Moon And Back Again

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