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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Travel Tuesday: International Meet Up Event: How to be a foreigner in Poland?

Dearest hearts,

It's true that there are not as many multicultural events in English language as I would like, and it's true also that Krakow does host many international events. Krakow, as all Poland, is a paradox within itself. It is both warm and inviting for foreigners and it makes one feel like Home, especially if you are from the Balkan region, but at the same time some might find it frightening and intimidating, especially if people have a different colour of skin. When I first came here, more than 7 years ago... I did not know much about Poland, but my friends and colleagues here were so open and inviting and friendly, that I never thought myself out if place. I've been living in Krakow for more than for over 6 years and a half and not once have I ever questioned my safety here. It is also true that, being part of the expat groups on Facebook, I do hear the odd story of people feeling uncomfortable... but I guess that happens in all countries, around the globe. 
I feel that having gatherings with people who are expats loke yourself is always beneficial. It does not have to be someone from your homeland even, but someone who's going through the same needs and wants as you. That's why I always keep a lookout for fresh events in Krakow. Just the other day one of my expat friends was interested in one such event and I quickly picked up the trail. It sounded interesting and it's a free Event, so please feel free to register yourself. Maybe I'll see you there and you can tell me it was me who gave you the idea to join! As I always say: Sharing is Caring! ;) so without any further ado, let me tell you about it. 

We invite all foreigners living and working in Poland for our first International Meetup.
How to be a foreigner in Poland?
Talks, Discussions, Legal Advice, Networking & Fun

Network with the international crowd of Krakow and listen to the stories of our special guests, Brian Scott and Elsi Adajew. Our guests have spent many years in Poland, became Polish citizens, and have lots of tips to help you adapt to the life in Poland. They will share with you all the information they wish they knew when they arrived in Poland.

Come to this meeting if:
  • You have just moved to Poland from abroad
  • You are a foreign professional living and working in Krakow
  • You want to know more about the Polish culture and the foreigners' life in Poland
  • You are looking for a legal advice connected to your life as a foreigner in Poland
  • You are looking for a job within IT industry, and want to meet with Sabre recruiters
  • You want to network with other foreigners in Krakow

18:30 Welcome from Sabre
18:45 Brian Scott Talk
19:15 Elsji Adajew Talk
19:45 Q&A with our special guests
20:15 Open Space Networking
21:00 Thank you
Additionally, throughout the whole meeting:
  • Come to the "Interkulturalni" stand for legal advice connected to your life in Poland
  • Buy Brian Scott's book (in Polish) titled "Pierwszy Murzyn RP" with the autograph of the author
  • Meet with Sabre Recruiters to talk about career opportunities for speakers of foreign languages and IT professionals

Special guests:
Brian Scott - born in Gujana, a journalist, filmmaker, a teacher, and a Polish citizen living in Poland for over 30 years
Elsi Adajew - born in Chechnya, a teacher and chairman of the Sintar Foundation, and a Polish citizen living in Poland for over 16 years

Date: 7 September 2017, 18:30
Place: Pauza In Garden, ul. Rajska 12, Kraków
Free tickets via Evenea website
Register today and invite your friends!

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Will Go To The Event ;)

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